"Dude, where's my ship?"

Unless you can identify your ship by name, it’s four clicks and two long menus to navigate to simply get into the ship you want to.

And that’s if you’re in the same station as the ship.

So why not have a simple window that lists your favourite ships*, where they are, with a one click button that just gets you in it?

I don’t need an industry tab, a channel tab, a PD tab etc. I need to be able to get in my ship with as little fuss as possible.

This feature would be optional. There is no downside apart from an hour or so programming time.

There’s no way to see the model of ship eg Thrasher in the right hand pane of the Ship Hangar, except for a small, mostly indistinguishable icon. This means we cannot find the ship we want unless all our ships have different memorable names.

(* user-defined and/or automatically picks most-used.)


I use a station container for backup ships.

So, you want to be able to get into your favorite ship remotely and instantly from wherever it’s at, even if it’s 14 jumps away?

No, of course not.

I do want to know where it is though, without faffing with the Personal Assets interface.

This would most help those who live in a system with multiple structures.
Also would help people who haven’t played for a while, play while drunk, are in denial about having lost a ship etc (interface would show “Destroyed” along with a remove from list button.)

Gotcha. It should be relatively simple to just set a “favorite” flag on a ship and have it appear at the top of the list of ships that you own. Right-click, “Set As Favorite”. Surely that can be done.


Yeah that would be perfectly acceptable if my suggestion is a bit tricky because of an archaic code conflict.

Would be very nice to have something that also told you where your ship is, and the simplified 2-click interface.


An hour or so? No time to read and familiarise with the existing code and documentation. No code review. No testing. No quality checks. No documentation update. No acceptance process?

Just an hour or so of programming and ready for release…based on what calculation?

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… just give your favorite ships a name?

like put ‘*’ at the beginning of the ones you want to favorite. then in the ship hanger you just have to put * into the filter or in asset search you just have to search *


Nerfed 6 posts for off topic Piss talking.

Seriously you two need to sort your stuff out in game. preferably with Empty shell casings littering the floor and the loser with many new forms of Space ventilation.



and just a few extra days / weeks we’ll pretend aren’t a thing.

This is literally what the assets window is for, it seems you want a whole new interface to avoid typing what you’re looking for in the assets window.

Could you not just name them properly and avoid all this confusion?

It’s actually very easy to just drop a can with a name on it in a hangar. If your cargohold has more than 100 m3 you can even use a small container (and thus get more ammo in the hold) without really trying. Make it secured and you can anchor it in space at a safe point too…

So this feature is to help drunks play EVE?


I think he’s talking about fitted ships.

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I’d say this would be a good quality of life update to ship selecting. Though it seems not necessery at first it would help get a hangar sorted for sure (maybe make it a selectable option in hangars so it only shows your ‘favorite ships’).

Also think this would make a great addition to the assets tab as I can barely find anything in there so an option to mark favorites would help quite alot. I think its a great idea tbh.

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Oh I know, he can leave them named anything they want and just drop a can and name it “Favored Ship #1” and it’s found easily. Or *1 **1 ***1

Of course it is.

I just have this guy and his alts following me around the forums, pretending to be multiple people knocking my suggestions. ISD Buldath seemingly confirmed he’s one person: “you two need to sort your stuff out in game” – which would prove he’s a liar.

I think I upset him by insisting he produce actual counterarguments in another thread.

@Lugh_Crow-Slave One can actually precede the names with a space and they’ll automatically rise to the top of the list. Far from obvious and needs to be put on some “non-obvious tips for Eve players” list.

yeah literally any character will do * was an example.

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ISD do not have the ability to cross reference accounts or have ANY access to Account information of players.

Do NOT take my earlier comments as confirmation of any sort that any character is an alt of another.

Are you meaning he should place his fitted ships inside a can? Or suggesting he leave a can with a special name in the same station as it’s matching ship, and find the ship by searching the can he knows is stored with it?

Hmm, you really really really should. Especially on this forum.

Let me know if raising a post/issue will help.