Once you see this thread, you HAVE to talk about your favourite ship!

Hello fellow Forumites!

We’ve talked previously which ship you’d smite into smitherines. And a great thread that was indeed, thank you all for participating by the way!
Now the time has come to proclaim your favourite ship and lose some words about why you like it so much!

Personally, the Harpy is my ship of choice. One of my greatest experiences was had flying this little bird, where I was outnumbered and outgunned defending home territory. With a handful of these, we made a valiant last stand and exploited the chaotic positioning of our enemy, quickly pouncing on stray ships and darting out before they could react, and suddenly, their losses started to pile up!
In the end, we did lose, and that was tragic… but at least not before going out with an expensive bang!

But enough about me! This thread is about you! What is your favourite ship? What do you like about it, or what makes it special to you? I really want to hear what you have to say!

With shipped regards
-James Fuchs


What are you trying to accomplish here by referring to us in such manner?

We’re Capsuleers!

/ Orca is the ship I :+1:t2:

I once owned an Orca named Maggie I took her many places and mined on many belts. She was the most beautiful ship in all of New Eden!

She had received many battle scars and even one time outside Dodixie she had a duel vs a T3 Cruiser which that Cruiser didn’t have the power to destroy my Maggie!

Maggie was going to retire after many years of loyal service and had suffered heavy damage throughout the end of the Trig invasion campaign.

Maggie was equipped to carry out Level 4 missions while mining and other missions that I had enjoyed.

Time with Maggie was something only a real miner would understand.

I searched my hanger and forgot what happened to my Maggie!


The HMCS ‘Ron Stampler’ Kronos

Just always loved the Megathron and the Kronos is a behemoth of a vessel.

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:eyes: :skull: :innocent:

The very first Frigate I bought back when I first started Eve in 2008 was the Breacher. I liked the idea of a long range missile platform for running missions. Unfortunately due to low skills, I quickly lost it.

The next Frigate I got was a Slasher, thinking up close brawler action would be better. Unfortunately I quickly lost that one as well.

Soo, in my first couple weeks of playing, I lost 2 Frigates and due to spending all my isk on skill books, couldn’t afford to get another Frigate to run missions. There I was, back in my Reaper again, trying to make ISK by ratting in HS belts. That was very slow going and quite honestly, was trying my patience to where I was about ready to give up.

Unexpectedly one player in Corp chat gifted me a Rifter Frigate with a basic T1 passive shield fit and another player gifted me 1 mil ISK for skill books. Needless to say I was quickly back up and running missions again using up close brawler tactics.

It worked great and I upgraded the ship fit as my skills advanced, eventually getting it to a T2 fit. Since it was working, I decided to max train every single skill related to piloting that Frigate. As my skills advanced, so did my ship fit and the level of missions I was running.

After 9 months I was max trained for skills related to that Frigate and was completing level 3 combat missions within the bonus time. By that time my Rifter was max fit with T2, Faction and Deadspace modules as well as Rigs. Back then most players didn’t bother fitting Rigs on Frigates, mainly because Rigs were expensive.

Anyway, along with level 3 combat missions from Thukker Mix, I was also running combat Anomaly and static 1/10 - 3/10 DED sites as well. All I can say is the ship performance was excellent. I was making lot’s of ISK from both loot drops and Thukker LP’s.

Eventually I moved up to Hurricane Battlecruiser for level 3 missions since I needed a ship to quickly complete them so I could also collect salvage. However I’d still pilot that Rifter for exploration sites.

Course years later I had collected a large assortment of ships to use and rarely piloted that Rifter. However when CCP introduced ship skins to the game, the very first skin I bought was for that Rifter.

From the screen shot you can see it’s fit with Large Rigs, Tech 2, Faction, Deadspace modules and a Krusual Skin (Permanent). That ship served me very well for a long time, completed level 3 security missions, DED 3/10 exploration sites and survived multiple Suicide Gank attempts. Even though I haven’t piloted it in a long time, it’s definitely my favorite ship…

It currently sits in station, enjoying it’s well deserved retirement and spinning in all it’s hard earned glory.


There is only one answer: Blackbird of course.

Even after it has been nerfed, having had its hunky dad-body looks taken away (being replaced by a mall-ninja tacticool version) and become less prevalent it is still the OG salt collector.

Blackbird = Bestbird

(closely followed by its younger sibling the Littlebird Griffin)

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Once I discovered how extremely versatile it is, for such a low cost…the Gnosis. I kept noticing how I could achieve much better stats than more expensive ships. To give but one example…

Gnosis…cost 60m

DPS 710 … Heavy Pulse Laser
EHP 55K … with two shield extenders and a shield hardener
Range 19km Conflag 37km Scorch
Align time 3.5 seconds

Phantasm….cost 300m

DPS 651 … Heavy Pulse Laser ( and the Phantasm has a 150% Medium Energy Turret bonus ! )
EHP 41K … with two shield extenders and a shield hardener
Range 14K Conflag…28K Scorch
Align time 5 seconds

Why pay 5 times as much for something less good ?

This is but one of numerous such comparisons…comparing ( as far as possible ) like for like fitted modules.

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One of the best salt miners out there.

Unsuspecting blast boat, ninja looter!

Then I would say second would be a toss between the Rifter or the Merlin.

I like the Catalyst.


And its cousin the Hecate :heart_eyes:

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I would be most likely to agree with @Ax_l_Thorne up there but I use my Herons for scanning. The ship I use the most is my ventures. I have Big Daddy 427 which is a basic gas miner, with 2 hobgoblin drones, and a drone damage amplifier for defense from the rats. The venture is very tanky and with a medium shield extender or 2 it can withstand several hits. I also made some combat venture fits as well, but I let my alt deal the real damage with her algos. Anything that gets the job done.

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I used it to take loot and become suspect, and place the loot in the fleet hangar

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A lot of people look down on Ventures, but to be honest I can still recall leaving the AIR Laboratories in Bourynes in my very first Venture 2 years ago…and it was like ’ look at me, everyone, I’ve got a Venture’. That wide eyed noob excitement…blissfully unaware of the long path ahead. My first Venture, which I have not mined in for ages, still sits in Dock at Bourynes…which I visit now and then just to rekindle that noob spirit and inspire myself again.

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The venture makes a nice unsuspecting battle boat.


Early on in the game, I would sort my inventory using multiple Corvettes. I named them tools, weapons, etc. While they didn’t hold much, I could figure out what I needed to keep, recycle, or sell. Today I use the Corvette to keep some stations in my personal assets. For example; all I have at Jita is an empty Corvette which makes it simple to plot a course to Jita at all times.


I do that, sometimes it’s a Shuttle, some reprocessed Ore or even a single round of ammo…

Works great as a placeholder for quick course plot.

Asking me to reflect about my ships choices … well, then i also need to reflect on my game play style. I’m mostly flying solo (true solo, one char) to chill/relax after work while zooming around and engaging whatever looks worth it.

When joining fleets a few times a week, it’s doctrine, but else I need a ship which is fast and versatile. First it was the Enyo/Taranis, then the Svipul, and now the Hecate. The main advantages of the Hecate beside being a T3D is their default <2s align to dodge camps, the DPS, and their competitive hull tank, which works without an implant set. As I throw my ships at something and see if it sticks, no imps is an advantage for fast/cheap reship.

Hecate though has two issues nowadays, FW changes, and Pochven. FW because of the new T1/navy and brawl meta. Not many other T3Ds and kitey setups anymore to fight. And the new Navy destroyers give it a hard time.

With considerably increasing activity in Pochven, I realized that the Hecate is not the best ship due to it being so slow at warp (coming out of warp takes ages in Pochven), hence I started to love an hyperspatial Eris, which allows me to catch everything otherwise too fast in align/warp. The Eris has the unique bonus of being able to fit a plate without penalty, something it only shares with the Exe navy (partially there), which frees up the rig slots for utility. Also it’s the only dictor which can be fitted for sub 3s align without much penalty to tank.



The best pvp is true solo pvp!

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Maybe not the best, as the engagement profile is limited, but the one where you can fully focus and have all parameters of (your side of) an engagement under control. Own pace, nobody else to blame, no talks about loot. :wink: I also like to fly in fleets with people I know very well or which are lead well, so I can focus on my role.

If you liked those so much why do you lose so many?

My ship was my Orca I took great pride in making sure she would return each day.

I cared for my Orca the same way you should care for your Cats if you like them so much.:grin:

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