Your Favorite Ship Class

Please post a few lines about your favorite ship class and why it’s your favorite.

My favorite ship class is Destroyers.
They are agile, fast, some can be tough nuts to crack and they can pack a surprising amout of punch when armed and fitted properly.

What’s yours?


Strategic cruisers.

Versatile, combat-capable ships, suitable for exploration in any space (hi-,low-,null-sec, wormhole) and taking on most challenges bringing ISK.

As for me their biggest advantage is the possibility to modify subsystems at any time, thanks to mobile depot too, which makes them very effective ships for players who value mobility and the possibility to engage in various activities in the game (PvE, PvP, exploration).



Fast, agile and cheap these ships can do so many things. In PvE I use them for exploration, salvage, mining, scouting and even did some ratting in them (polarised bombers are fun, ratting less so).
And in PvP they’re useful as well, hunting targets for the covops fleet to kill as well as doing the killing.

Another benefit of frigates: you can easily fit many of them in your haulers or capital ships when moving, which was pretty useful when my allance moved home 3 times last year.



Finally I have a ship I feel save in flying in high-sec.

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Can do everything with it when being solo. :slight_smile:


I like safety. Different strokes for different folks. It can defend itself against gankers like yourself quite successfully. :slight_smile:

My favorite class would be marauders/battleships. I like them because of their size. I am not really into small frigates or destroyers. Battleships are consistent, pack good damage, and their tank. I feel like a real captain when I am in a battleship. So, there is some RP to it for me also.


I don’t specifically like Safety. but do believe someone has to that job.


Now imagine having a player housing option on your battleship where you can invite other players to come and hangout with you in a virtual space. That would make RP a bit better and make the apparel completely relevant.

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Its not really a job it’s more like a relaxed feeling while flying through space.

I bought a couple of them and I’m close to being able to fly it and master it… can’t wait! That ship looks like a lot of fun!

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Ran out of hearts, lol, so…


Yah I personally stop at battleships and not say I enjoy carriers/dreads too. You just lose that sub capital experience when you get into capitals. Breaks my RP bubble. Exactly what I had in mind only one can dream of that having gilas on a rich exotic billionaire’s battleship or be that war torn battleship whose near death and the crew is fighting to keep the ship together.

I just had a flashback to the crew of the Enterprise running around like chickens without their head trying to mitigate damage while the starship gets a pounding, with Scotty going " If I push her any harder she’ll blow!!"

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Why not all ships? Just cap the size.

  1. Frigates + Destroyers → small space that can accommodate up to 2 players.
  2. Cruisers → larger space that can accommodate up to 5 players.
  3. Battleships → even larger space that can accommodate up to 20 players.
  4. and so on …

You can make it like a hangout where you can have a party or even have like a boardroom where you can have a corp meeting discussing your war plans or whatever your corp is into.

Oh look the fun police is here.

@Michal_Somebody Calm down, miner.

Oh he really does not get it. I am not a miner just because I own a mining barge and an Orca. I am not a PvP-er or PvE-er just because I own a few, cruisers, battleships an a marauder. I am none of those things. I play EVE for other reasons that you just don’t understand and maybe never will.

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Do calm down, miner.
The fight is in-game, not on the forum… wait, forgot, you don’t like fighting in a fighting game :sweat_smile:

I am not a miner. I have made VERY LITTLE IF ANY ISK from actually mining asteroids with my Procurer, but I have make A LOT of ISK with my Procurer. Like I said you don’t get it.