What's your favorite ship size?

What’s your favorite ship size and why?

  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battlecruiser
  • Battlship
  • Capital
  • Supercap

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My favorite ship size is…


the cruiser. The size is affordable, relatively easy to skill into, offers a wide range of options (T1/T2 Ewar, T1/T2 Logistics, T1 Combat, HAC’s, T3, Recon, Heavy Interdictors, Navy Faction, and Pirate Faction), and offers an amazing balance of speed, agility, tank, damage, range, and damage application.


Well, I fully agree 100% with your summary of my favorite ship class.


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All of them?

It depends on my mood. :slight_smile:

But my favorite ship is Legion so I might lean towards the cruiser size.


I have always enjoyed zipping around solar systems in a fast frigate. It’s a lot of fun.


Does that include rubber models? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m missing a “max ISK/H ship” option :joy:

my favorite is the battleship but i fly destroyers the most so i voted destroyers
then i realized that the goal is to vote on my favorite
but was to late

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Why you hate the miners??? Barge should be an option.


Noted. I will reflect that it the stats for my final graph.

By the way, thanks to everyone who voted.

Yeah, you’re right. They weren’t even on my brain when I made the poll. I should have, at the very least, made an “other” category to cover people who like barges and haulers and all that. Crap.


Porpoise is my favorite ship.


Miners needs dont count, Miners are like children should be whipped and put to work in Chinese labor camps :rofl:

A difficult decision to pick only one as I tend to use whatever is appropriate.
Of course, this character flies destroyers but my main tends to fly cruisers and battlecruisers more.

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Well, I’m all about picking the right tool for the job myself, but I still have my favorites.

I too have my favorites, but they span the range from frigate to battleship.

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