What is your favorite ship?

What is your favorite ship? Doesn’t even have to be the best ship you’ve ever flown, just has to be a ship you’ve enjoyed flying more than usual. My personal favorite is the Stormbringer, since it’s really satisfying turning 30 NPC frigates into a rather large pile of scrap metal.

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Rapier, manticore.

The first as a hard counter to nano kitey scum.

The second to shoot at lame stargate smart bombers from 180 km away until they jump out or blow up

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Nice, stealth bombers are also some of my favorite ships to fly

Enforcer - love covop ships, plus it looks great :slight_smile:

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Deja vú … didn’t we have such a thread recently?

My favorites changed over time and balance updates, focussing on solo ships only, there were the Enyo, the Taranis, the Svipul, the Loki, the Hecate, and finally the Eris.

My long time favorite is still the Hecate as the most versatile (true) solo boat in the game, but after the dictor balance update, the Eris became the boat I enjoy the most atm. It’s agile and fast, it puts out good to insane DPS, has the buffer tank bonus, and of course bubbles :smiley:


Couldn’t tell ya, I just randomly had this question and decided to ask it.

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Catalyst Navy Issue.
Hybrid turrets w/t Javelins.
♪ And a partridge in a pear tree ♬

Naturally. It’s a nice little boat, but I prefer its big brother the Megathron/Vindicator. Those follow the same concept, but bigger.

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Who you callin’ a ‘boat’, mister?!
Yeah, he’s a freakin’ Spaceship!

Ah, yes. Sumo wrestlers bring in the crowds.

… isn’t better :slightly_smiling_face:

Say that to my 1k DPS t1 gun vindicator that’s meant for PvE

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I’ll send it a postcard from Luminaire.

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Loki as like to lurk in the shadows and play with my prey before feeding.



Will always love my Stratios. Best looking ship in EvE…

–Gadget might be biased

Not surprise really

My favourite is Orthrus and Garmur

Those ships do look quite nice. Just too expensive to be practical for a lot of people.

There are so many for different reasons :weary:

For nostalgia value: Astero
For good times value: Bombers
For first corp that felt like home value: Tengu
For the old ‘grindy-days’ value: Typhoon Fleet Issue & Raven Navy Issue

Today / within last year or two: Onyx & Sacriledge

No you don’t.
Just saying you do.

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the night is my day,
Blood is my life,
and you, @Githany_Red are my PREY.

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Rifter as I use it as an express frigate to jump around HighSec fast and fairly quickly.

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One of the few tackle frigates that can semi-reliably hold down a Marauder.
Also great fun solo roaming ship.