How big is too big?

I’ve been really impressed by the game so far, and I was wondering why aren’t some ships bigger? Looks like I can’t really fly a ship larger than a battleship in hi-sex. Why?

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You can. They are called Structures.

The move really really slowly.


Well, you can fly larger industrial ships.

However, in terms of combat ships, capitals in highsec that could mission, run anoms, belt rat, etc. would need significant change in the NPCs, which would make many of the smaller ships obsolete.

They would be too safe and too powerful.


@Armondo_Rizzo You can fly freighters in high sec. They are quite big.

(If you want to compare ship sizes, there are a few NPC dreads, carriers and Titans you can look at at various places on the map at some of the monuments and agent sites in high sec.)

Remember, what happens in the spaceship stays in the spaceship. :laughing:

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Hisex is still better than nullsex.


Bigger is not necessarily better, so I wouldn’t sweat it. Eve is about picking the right tool for the job, not the biggest.

Unless, of course, the job is to compensate for a tiny peen. Then bigger is indeed better.

Anyway, changing it would require the rebalancing of PvE and PvP in HS, and quite honestly, I don’t think it would make anything better.

And, out of idle curiosity, does anyone remember why CCP decided to ban caps from HS?

Anyway, I’m off to buy a titan.

This is what I keep telling my boss.

Orca, Bowhead, and freighters are bigger, iirc, and can fly in high.

The game has something like 7,800 systems. The point isn’t to make all those systems “the same”. We have High, Low, FW-Low, Pochven, NPC Null, Sov Null, Thera, and 6 classes of wormhole for a reason.

The dynamics of each area bring their own set of requirements that allow players to choose (to some extent) how and where they play, and what they get out of it.

In EVE, a ship is a tool. It’s a tool to do things to accomplish a goal. Different areas have different goals and toolsets. “The biggest tool” isn’t the right tool, any more than it’s suitable to bring an 18-wheeler to a Sunday smash-up derby.

does the freighter fit through the gate?


Even titans somehow fit through gates even when it looks like they shouldn’t.

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