Beautiful Ships and what you like about them


I’d like to know what ships you think are beautiful and what do you like about the ones you mention.

Also, some ships have moving sections and parts, like the Naga and Badger.
Do you agree that all the ships should have that?

Fly Sa- never mind.


I like that the Catalyst has eight neutron blasters. That’s pretty cool, but I wish there was a way to fit twenty, like I think there is plenty of room.


I like my little Atron, setup with instant locking and point , it pulls gankers out of there fleets like a dream , lacking in fire power but good fun.

Also never forget to fit the right skin for the job your doing with the ship, wish I could get a police skin for my Atron , it’s all it lacking , maybe one day.

The Abaddon. Who does not love to watch 8 Tachyons shred your enemies from range or 8 Mega Pulse Lasers do the same from up close?


I have always had love for the HAM Legion. It is even today still my fav ship just from it looks even though I use the IKI more since its release.

That’s what I think when I look at cruisers on up to the largest ships. All those lights on them suggest they’re windows, meaning those ships are as long as two or four football fields. There should be room for 50+ turrets.
But can you imagine the price of fitting that many modules ?

Same for structures. Looks like most of them would be as big as NYC or even bigger when you factor in the many levels they sport.

Instant Lock! That’s sweet.

Surely you mean pirates :slight_smile:

Yes, skins and more skins. I get free skins every few days but none I can use yet :frowning:

Beautiful, scary ship. Better to have it on your side.

Nice pic!

I haven’t seen that ship yet :face_with_monocle: Just did a google search.
Reminds me of one of those robots from The Terminator.

Here you go :slight_smile: @Massilian


Legion for me too - gorgeous design.

Not Imicus.


The asymmetric look of a ship that is clearly designed for non-combat purposes has grown on me and is one of my favourite ships. It could use an upgrade to the textures, but keep that form please.

Despite the boring symmetry I also like the Algos a lot.


True, the Legion, especially the HAM configuration, is a real beauty.

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The Imicus’ design is interesting, almost wierd-looking, but I can see the apeal.

The Paladin

I like the Legion too, and all the Modular T3 Cruiser philosophy.
In my wildest dreams, I’d like to have Modular T3 Battleships :scream:


The Machariel, especially with the Angels Hex SKIN.

How can you not …

Look at that, it’s sooooo beautiful and yet so badass.




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Damn. That IS a badass ship :star_struck:

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