New ships? Some big ones please

I have made a concept art for new ship. It’s quite big!

If Faction warfare will get overhaul, why not add story to it and some new ships, big like trigs mothership?


It looks awesome! Well done.

Holy crap dude that looks amazing. If CCP released that everyone would be drooling at their keyboard and farming for months for it.

Plus one :heart: for starting a thread with no mention of miner, ganker, carebear, or EVE is dying.

Been a while.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


The game is in a bad enough state because of the extant big ships. So no thanks.


Only if they are combat related and could project perfectly downwards. If they did something unique and tactical but not directly combat it could be interesting. Like if it could project a sphere around it for 500km’s for 10 minutes and every ship inside was trapped for those 10 minutes like a limited arena.

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New ships are always nice and that’s some cool artwork, so kudos.

However Xuixien has a major point - ships in the game need a reason to exist and an activity to be based on.

At the moment EVE doesn’t even have a good enough ‘action base’ for it’s existing ships, so work needs to be done in that area before more and bigger ships are workable.

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So if they’re not combat related then what are theyg onna be? Big mining ships? How did that go the first time?

So basically a massive interdictor…?

CCP could actually do a lot of pruning. Just combining ships together, especially the T1 ships, and getting rid of one of the pair (or trio).

Yip something to fear, the fear of being committed to the battle. As long as their physical capabilities can only project horizontally to other capitals and the dps to price ratio is worse than current caps so that its main focus is utility.

This literally isnt true, What game have you been playing? Most of the content across lowsec has become capital warfare, And thats been removed because of people like you crying because your toos cared to undock in a ship more expensive than 20 mill.

Risk adversity is why this game is in a bad state. If people actually undocked and fought and had fun instead of farming and never undocking in anything more than 10 mill, Then the game would be a 100% better state.


Two things:

  1. :face_vomiting:
  2. I’m very dubious of the claim “most of the content”. I’ve been living in LowSec for the past year and “most of the content” has been sub-battleship, with the occasional cap showing. Faction Warfare space - which makes up a significant portion of the 800 or so LowSec systems - is also almost exclusively sub-capital (and sub-battleship) content.

I literally threw away a Rev on a whim because I was bored after work. But ok my bud.

At any rate, “most of the content” of the game being restricted to two classes of ships (dreads and FAX, ie, 8 hulls, with an occasional super) is not healthy or conducive to long-term, engaging gameplay. You argue about “risk aversity” being bad for the game, but you also claim that cap warfare has been killed. Presumably this is because caps have become a lot more expensive? So you’re saying that’s too much risk for you?

I’m sorry you can’t pad your killboard hoarding 100+ people on a carrier anymore, I guess? Those evil risk “adverse” carebears who won’t just line themselves up for you! Shame.

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Lest we forget, I would like to give a mention to miners, gankers , carebears and EVE dying.

You looks awesome! Well done.

First off all, not everyone is a 12 year old vet with a fat wallet, and Eve’s golden rule is to not fly what you can’t afford to lose. Moreover, I’d rather people undock in cheap ships, than station spin in expensive ones.

Second, I’m not a lowsec guy, but I have to ask, has crying about caps in LS actually led to any changes that discouraged their use? And, if so, did people not turn to using other ships, or did it just result in less activity? I’m seriously asking, because I don’t know. Of course, I’m not sure how much I’m going to trust your analysis because…

This is some screwy logic. I mean, I don’t like how risk adverse the aggregate player base has become, but how exactly are more expensive ships supposed to fix this? People are far more willing to throw caution to the wind with cheap ships, than they are with expensive ships. In fact, a lot of players are risk adverse with their caps, and only like to use them when there are response fleets to save them, they are backed by SRP, and/or they pretty damn sure that it’s a pitched battle that poses little actual risk to their ships.

So, a hypercap is supposed to make things better how exactly? Oh, and bonus points if it’s oppressive to subcaps, so that people want to fly those less, and/or oppressive to small and medium sized groups, so that it further incentivize players to condense into large groups. That would certainly be good for the game.

And to OP:

+1 to the artwork
-1 to the proposal
+1 to making a novel thread

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I was thinking about CCP adding it because of Caldari would drive to have the best and biggest ship out there in coming war escalation, something like Japanese have deen doing with their Yamato. They would go to war with it, and would be doing annexations of systems something like during invasions, and the ship itself would be equipped with a jumpdrive that can jump without cynosural beacon, effectively being immune to warp drive interferences and there would be 24 hour timer between jumps. It could not use cynosural beacons at all, and no gates, and coudnt be docked. It would give defensive bonuses system wide for every ship in fleet like the old command ships worked. It would have three times the fighter bay space in comparison with Wyvern, three times the hp of Leviathan. CCP would give one blueprint as a final reward in tournament, only one ship for the game. Thats what I came up with some thinking.

I have no plan to fly anything bigger than a battleship, but that is one nice big ship.

I’d be more than happy just to get faction navy destroyers (and if the Caldari engineers could stop beeing stupid with bonus locked to kinetic (they are the dumbest engineers of all New Eden, they should ask the Amarr (Vengeance, Malediction, Heretic, Sacrilege, Damnation (all their missile ships I believe)) and Minmatar about how to build missile boats)


Why not add a DOOMBOOT 7000km long and blue.

:+1: i want coercer navy issue 4 ever

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