Dear Art Development Team,

Please put up, on the website, all the old concept art you’ve made. You often show these gorgeous concept arts at Fanfest, the alliance tournaments, and Vegas. We’d like to be able to see the stuff you’ve done in retrospect.

I recall an abyssal concept of a Wyvern floating through clouds with spike rocks. I’ve been looking everywhere for it.



Please make cool trailer for the Triglavian mega ship unveiling event


Yeah, would be nice to view all that excellent work.

Maybe Senior 3D Artist @CCP_BlueScreen can help.

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Agreed. Would be good to see some of the older concept art and fx and if possible maybe some of the newer stuff, or maybe even some thoughts from the art team about future directions in general regarding dx12 etc if allowed.

I still remember Asgeir’s first concept art for the tier 2 BC back then, it was amazing. And the design contest for the tier 3 BC of which not necessarily the best designs won.

The problem with concept art like that it that it can make you long for things that will never happen, and make it difficult for CCP to backtrack on a certain idea or expansion once the concept art is out in the public.

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