Things I would like to see that would make the game worth it

Hi, I posted a few years ago what would be neat to see in the game and nothing ever came of it. I quit eve for several years, and I come back to see the game has actually regressed a bit. strategic ships now have 3 subsystems in each subsystem slot instead of 4, incursions got nerfed, there is this triglavian invasion thing, (which also got its rewards nerfed) and a bunch of new ships from the triglavian invasion for players to play with.

regarding the triglavian thing… ok so new content? ok. new ships to skill into and fly? doesn’t that make this game a perpetual geargrind like world of warcraft? before the top dog was t3 cruisers, before t3 cruisers it was t2 ships, now its trig ships. is that the goal here? perpetual skilling and perpetual geargrind?

regarding t3 cruisers. it says in the dev post about nerfing them that it was putting too much strain on the art department… so building all those new trig ships wasnt putting strain on them? building citadels wasnt? rebuilding the models of alot of the t1 and t2 ships also wasnt?

regarding t3 cruisers. I used to fly a legion, my favorite subsystem model was the tactical targeting network, it made the legion look like a menacing bird of prey instead of a broke-nosed flying sink faucet. or a jellyfish with a bad hair day. I sold my legion because I am dissappointed with what it looks like now. I will also extract all my legion skills.

I also used to fly a proteus, I used to fly a proteus with ONLY a disonic encoding platform and a supplemental coolant injector. since both those models were taken out my proteus looks like a perpetually tripping slug. I sold it, and I will be extracting the skills for my proteus as well.

finally my tengu. my favorite subsystem model was the rifling launcher pattern. the accelerated ejection bay isn’t so miserable that I want to sell my ship but I am not a fan of those wing bits. I suggest you find other bonuses to put on the subsystem models you took out of the game and put them back in the game. If the art department is somehow strained by models created years ago while continuing to create models for trig ships, citadels, and any other new content you constantly cook up I think your not being honest. old models don’t put a strain on anyone after they have already been built.

lastly I would like to make a suggestion I made years ago. would you swap the model for the 800mm repeating and the dual 425mm autocannons in the large autocannon group? to my knowledge noone uses dual425s even though its a superior model and everyone uses 800mms even though its a blocky clunky model.

This game seems worth it until I realized they turned it into a rubber-lined stadium with beachballs as weapons.

So you don’t particularly care what a ship or subsystem does, just as long as it looks aesthetically pleasing? Well, it’s a good thing that CCP doesn’t balance the game on looks…

I feel sad for the OP.

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