Strategic cruisers looks

Whatever that you did that you thought was good for the “strategic cruisers” balance ended up screwing their looks, at least for Proteus, and now I’m flying a weird looking castrated obese version of its former glory.

It made perfect sense to have 5 subsystems - weapons, defense, propulsion, electronics, and engineering! Now there are 4, and from 1024 looks, now there are 81 left!

Dumbing down, because it was too much of a thought process for the new players or that people only used few of the system combinations while the rest were just pixel waste, doesn’t make it better. You had to find a way to make that waste worth choosing it, and this is where your efforts should have gone, to expand on that, NOT shrink it.

The strategic cruisers were one of the best customization features in a MMO game that I have ever enjoyed and with this you kind of ruined it.

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Yeah, I agree with you, CCP definitely messed up the graphic representation of T3 Cruisers with the sub-system change.

My usual Loki fit before the change made it look like a bad-ass Locust but then after the change it now looks like a stack of Lincoln Logs.


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The Legion still looks good. The Protues fit I use to fly looks like handbag a guy would hold walking down a fashion show walkway where wearing hoola hoops as clothing with that handle.

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I watched the video where a CCP developer was explaining the reasons behind the changes - he said the following “for some of the subsystems there is less than 5% use”?!? Well there were 5 different subsystems with 4 versions each so that’s 20, in a perfect EvE world where all systems are used equally that would mean 5% use for each version. But there is no such thing as “perfect” so it is expected that some versions will be preferred more than the others and the numbers for some will be more than the “perfect” 5% and for other will be less. So it is “perfectly” ok that some of them will be off from the “perfect” 5%!

Another one was the upkeep on the art side. I have no idea what he meant by “the art side”, I have to assume that is has to do with the ship skins - well I don’t care if these ships don’t get any skins at all, I care for the diverse functionality the ships offer and the look that comes with it.


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