Is it possible to get more appearance for T3 Cruiser?

We miss the old appearance of T3 Cruiser sub system, just like the old Proteus. Is it possible to get them back in future???

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No. Go away.

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Who is WE!


He and his alts of course!

Thank you for the clarification! I can now sleep tonight!

Well, gotta say I don’t particularly like the way the Loki looks after the sub-system change either. The sub-system configuration I had set up before reminded me of a ravenous Locust. Now it looks like Lincoln Logs all stacked up



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I seriously doubt the old subsystems will ever return but I have to agree with DMC; the Loki is now ugly as sin unless you make it a shield tanked missile boat.

(That’s what I did to mine because I couldn’t stand how it looked…oh, and because medium ACs are so horribad right now.) :smile:

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