Strategic cruisers

Greetings to all. Why doesn’t the new skin tool work for strategic cruisers?


Because the new skin system is… new and not even fully out yet. Given now modular T3 look that’s going to take far more effort and I’d expect CCP to first get skins fleshed out before adding them to T3, then again who knows how CCP thinks.


They are gonna wait a bit to see how much more plex they can get away charging for it after seeing how people pay for current ships.

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its not just T3C’s its also all the concord ships. i would love to be able to skin my Enforcer and it isn’t modular like the T3C’S are.

They want to see how much people ‘totally love’ the skinr system before trying to nickle and dime T3C pilots into paying 16 times the price to design a skin for every configuration of their ship.

I can imagine that adding the SKINR for T3Cs takes extra effort because of all the modular subsystems of the T3Cs.

Hopefully we will see it added later.

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