[SKINS] Pirate SKINS for Strategic Cruisers

The title says it all, but it says something good~


With SKINs now possible for Strategic Cruisers, I’d say it’s a waste to not have more available for them, on CCP’s side and the player side both.

For players, it brings more variety to a ship that can be used in many, many situations; for CCP, it means more income through the NES, given that many players fly these ships and would assumedly love to make them even more their own - and frankly, I’d absolutely love to see a blood-soaked Legion or a Tengu sporting the iconic Guristas Camo flying along the spacelanes.

It’s a short & sweet idea - and as likely as it is to happen anyhow, they can’t come quickly enough :christmasparrot:


CCP Art department: OVERLOADED
CCP HR: Cool, let me cut some staff off from balance team

“Balance Team”

Pirate skins for strategic cruisers would be dank if 99% of the playerbase didn’t play with their cameras zoomed out as far as they can.

I mean, if that’s all the case is, why have skins at all, y’know? :stuck_out_tongue: These wouldn’t be too complicated, technical-wise, since the serpentis one is literally a palette swap & the others are just an overlaid pattern that can be on any part of the hull~~ And with how may people fly t3s, they’d probably sell well enough to be well worth it to CCP

If we’re willing to pay 55 PLEX (~$2.20) for a skin, I’m sure CCP is more than happy to provide them. The T3 cruisers shipped with a couple of skins each and more will come but, from a business standpoint, you don’t want new skins to cannibalize sales from the existing skins. New skins will be released when sales of the existing ones start to decline.

I don’t think they realize just how popular t3 pirate skins would be. People would shell out big money for a Serpentis Proteus or Blood Raider Legion; making them exclusive to the yearly events for each of them would be a good way to introduce that.

There’s already a serpentis and angel cartel Hecate, so they’re definitely looking at it. I think the issue with the strat cruisers specifically is that they have to treat each new subsystem configuration as its own ship for graphics purposes, so the development time for any one of them

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