[SKINS] Pirate SKINS for Strategic Cruisers

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #1

The title says it all, but it says something good~


With SKINs now possible for Strategic Cruisers, I’d say it’s a waste to not have more available for them, on CCP’s side and the player side both.

For players, it brings more variety to a ship that can be used in many, many situations; for CCP, it means more income through the NES, given that many players fly these ships and would assumedly love to make them even more their own - and frankly, I’d absolutely love to see a blood-soaked Legion or a Tengu sporting the iconic Guristas Camo flying along the spacelanes.

It’s a short & sweet idea - and as likely as it is to happen anyhow, they can’t come quickly enough :christmasparrot:


(Aleverette) #2

CCP Art department: OVERLOADED
CCP HR: Cool, let me cut some staff off from balance team

(Chaos Ellec0n) #3

“Balance Team”

Pirate skins for strategic cruisers would be dank if 99% of the playerbase didn’t play with their cameras zoomed out as far as they can.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #4

I mean, if that’s all the case is, why have skins at all, y’know? :stuck_out_tongue: These wouldn’t be too complicated, technical-wise, since the serpentis one is literally a palette swap & the others are just an overlaid pattern that can be on any part of the hull~~ And with how may people fly t3s, they’d probably sell well enough to be well worth it to CCP

(Do Little) #5

If we’re willing to pay 55 PLEX (~$2.20) for a skin, I’m sure CCP is more than happy to provide them. The T3 cruisers shipped with a couple of skins each and more will come but, from a business standpoint, you don’t want new skins to cannibalize sales from the existing skins. New skins will be released when sales of the existing ones start to decline.