SKINs for faction/pirate ships

So obviously SKINs are not available for faction versions of a hull (or only 1-2 ones with minor changes like a red stripe kek). Any reasons for that? I almost exclusively fly bling faction boats which often got years old ugly texturing. I fly a better and more expensive ship but the worse version has the awesome looks. Explain pls.

idk my mach looks pretty sweet with the hex skin

The mach doesnt really count as there is no non faction version of the hull. And the hex SKIN was only available for a short amount of time to boost 3 months subscription sales.

The rattle, gila and worm have 2 skins each, the vindicator and vigilant both have 2 skins, the other pirate ships apparently don’t count because they aren’t stock hulls although some do have skins like the nightmare and the mach, the VNI has 5 skins, which specific ships are you upset about there not being skins for? not every skin is going to be super epic awesome

But… Police skins!

That said, skins are a balancing act. Obviously some people want them for their preferred toys. Yet on the other hand, if CCP released hot new skins for every ship, some customers would complain about resources being wasted on vanity items and how CCP is grabbing for money.

So we end up with limited skins slowly coming out. My guess, if you want a specific ship to have a new skin, start a petition or drive… Heck a poll on the forums maybe? Have people suggest which skinless ship they most want to have skinned. Hopefully CCP will listen and help.

I’ll give some examples when i am home later.

I believe, and this is mostly conjecture with a little hearsay, the idea was that Tech 2 and/or Faction ships were just recolors and therefore putting a SKIN on them would make it more difficult to identify the ship. I’m not sure that’s really the reason or what.

Good news is this was actually mentioned today. Our artists basically said there is no reason we can’t just copy over the SKIN onto tech 2s. What “just copy” actually means in terms of workload and all that, I’m don’t know. But future SKINs will start to see more Faction and Tech 2 variants in the line up.



We’ll try…


I do have to say the Art team makes a stellar job, saw the EvE Vegas presentation and I am just so hyped for all the new art stuff, changes to UI, everything! I am certain that whatever comes out will be great, something that compared to their T1 counterparts gives more of a “Holy snap that is a major cool skin”

I mean, it could be similar, but cooler, ya know?

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Hey CCP_Dragon.

Great news! Just look at the Megathron. An awesome hull nobody actually flies (except maybe the poor souls who try level 4 mission with bad skills in her).

The Megathron has 11(!) Skins to choose from. 5 to buy with PLEX.
The Navy Issue version has 4 Skins. 1 to buy with PLEX.
The Vindicator 2 Skins. 0 to buy with PLEX.

Same goes for Scorpion, Scorpion Navy Issue and Rattlesnake
and others…

For me its just a waste and makes no sense to give most of the Skins to the most unused lowest tier of a hull. I also understand the identification argument but well, its unstatisfing to have my favorite SKIN restricted to a hull version i simply have no purpose for.

But i have high hopes this gets addressed sooner or later :wink:

Art Team Best Team!

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A black Typhoon Fleet Issue skin would be great! Even a gun-metal grey would rock!

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I’m not saying this is the case, but… some SKINs in the past were created because those hulls were identified as being more popular.

We have started to change this a bit. I think we want to have more generic SKINs that are on all hulls, while a really special SKIN might be on only a few hulls. Those really special ones will probably end up being only on the store while the generic SKINs will be available through events.

This doesn’t mean that generic SKINs should look bad but rather that they can’t look super unique because putting cool designs on multiple hulls gets increasingly more difficult the more hulls we aim for. We’re experimenting. We’ll see. I trust our artists. They want cool-looking space ships too.

Story time. I asked them for a really cool SKIN for Crimson Harvest. I put together some pictures and a general theme. Only the idea of having a skull survived from the original request. The Headhunter SKINs look nothing like what I expected, but I’m not upset at all. I think the Headhunters look amazing. If we learned anything from this story: don’t let CCP Dragon design SKINs.

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I agree with reason that skins on pirate ships make them look closer to the T1 hull, and thus would make common t1 hulls harder to distinguish. But then again we do use the overview for combat. So its a flimsy argument at best :slight_smile: .

But what about the Astero, Stratios ? Those are quite unique. Why could we not get a headhunter version for example. Or some other gore filled variant. After all the sisters are the ‘‘little hunters’’ lore vise. Frankly the original skin is much better than all the other metallic repaints.

I am asking this for reasons… none related to the 25 solo kills plastered on mine and not related to the fact that i fly it like a crazed blood raider. I am sure others have even more, since the stratios and astero are use heavily in pve and pvp. About the bigger brother the Nestor i cannot say as i have no experience.

Not unrelated, but thank you for your work.

EDIT: edited for clarity, i hope

Correct, which is why we’re starting to put skins on all hulls. This argument has won.


Tired of default SKIN for my Phantasm and I dont like the only other existing.

Do full zoom out when pew-pew. Stopped station spinning. Sad. So sad.

So they posted new event reward skins on Sisi. For every ship in the game. And among them
<url=showinfo:47007>Phantasm Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)</url>
At first I was like “wow! nevermind my last post!” but then…

So its just that blue camo with gradient. I would rather prefer pink hearts all over it.


AmarrCEJQasf I would buy this skin


Kinda like this


I dont fly Amarr ships, but I would definitely buy it anyway, and the Lego Venture