Faction themed SKINS for other factions ships (Rusty Vexors, Gold plated Tempest, Steely Blue Punishers, etc.)

I seem to recall many years ago that it was stated that there would be SKINS developed that would give one faction’s ships the look of another. Say for instance you have an algos, but you’re a Minmatar. That algos could have a SKIN that has a reddish brown Minmatar paint job and a Minmatar symbol instead of a Gallente Federation symbol. This way if you have a Caldari in FW who favors Gallente or Minmatar ships they wouldn’t have to fly around with the symbol of their enemy.

Now the concept I recall was even more in-depth. I believe it was a Gallente battlecruiser with not just a color palette swap, but actual Amarrian textures with the raised gold plating. I’m not even sure it was a SKIN. It may have been that the plan was to allow players to build these ships as such, essentially introducing multiple empire specific aesthetic base models for the same ship. It had to have been 7+ years ago at one of the fan events so my memory is a little rusty.

But I’m not calling for something that drastic (although that would be cool too). Just a simple change to the color palette and faction logo. Heck, even if the only difference was the faction logo that would be some progress. Or perhaps there could be a default option to swap the faction logos between the four empires.

If haters come on to your thread, just ignore them. I admire your passion and clarity of purpose!


Introducing the Gold Imicus and Rust Raven!!


There are arguably a great many SKINs that belong within a faction that are missing that should certainly exist. CCP should focus on filling in the noticeable gaps (still waiting for my purple Quafe Ultra Tristan!!!) before even considering interracial crossbreeding abominations when it comes to SKIN designs… RUSTY AMARR AND GOLD PLATED MINMATAR!!!

Hell, just removing the faction logos alone would be an improvement. Why are capsuleers making ships with specific empire decals anyway? I thought capsuleers where non-aligned by default.

But it would be nice for fleets to be able to be color coded. Especially in FW. More so the role-players.

You’re right! Anyone who does not agree that Rusty Armageddons should exist are RACIST!!! Take to the twitters!!!

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