SKINS - Factional ones first!

We have all sorts of wonderful and whimsical SKINS for our ships now - but why are we still missing the most obvious ones? Minmatar ships need Tribe colors (all of them)! Caldari ships need megacorp colors! Amarr need royal house colors! Gallente need… Uh… colors!

As I’ve understood it is possible to make a skin that is possible to apply on a number of ships - I believe some Alliance Tournament skins are like this? So you could buy one sebiestor skin and apply it to all of your Minmatar ships, for example.



I’m not sure anyone in CCP cares about those now, they are doing the more “advanced” ones now. They could make an upgraded version of those but who knows.

Mmh. Here’s hoping. It’s kind of dull though that we can’t fly our favourite NPC factions colors. And Sebiestor have the (almost?) only matte black SKIN in the cluster, we need more o’ dat.

Does freedom have a color? If so I request 20.

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what i would like to see now that CCP have shown they can basically port the same template onto multiple ships is Faction navy skins for all ships.

this includes off racial. so Calnavy for an apoc. put them up for LP not isk or plex and sell them in the militia loyalty store

please the gallente are more oppressive than the damn amarr. at least the amarr were just trying to better the lives of a lessor race. with the Gals you have “our way or we kill you”.

I think you have a history lesson in your future.

yeah they were so chill a bout the caldari wanting to live their own lives. That’s to say nothing for their warmongering nature that led to the current galactic war. murdering countless civilians during a peace conference. funding an illegal minmatar military. All problems in empire space come back to the Gallente

Grr… History?

that only furthers my point. i mean the Gallant were trying to steal from the Caldari. Demanding that assets owned by independent caldari mega corporations well outside of Federation space be turned over to the federation. and then when an independent terror group blows up a bunch of fools who thought living underwater was a good idea. the gallante proper decided to murder millions of innocents

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