Amarr needs golden ship skins

A long time ago Amarr ships were made of gold, they looked that way. Some looked a bit silly (Armageddon, it was yellow) but at the very least they tried to look as if they were made of gold.

Then Trinity 1&2 happened and Amarr ship looked like they were made of mud and bronze bits, and I’m sure some people love that look more. I don’t, I like my ships to be golden, I like my pod to be golden and I like my eye piece to be golden because I’m Amarr, we’re better than the rest and we got to flaunt that stuff.

I would very much like proper golden skins for all Amarr ships, to make them look less like plebs. Take the Navy Omen for instance, wth is that! Needs to be golden!

Give us golden ship skins CCP!

The Navy Omen features matte white gold with obsidian ornaments. Don’t touch that ship.

If you want golden skins, buy Imperial Issue ships. :>

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You may like it, I don’t. Hence the OPTION of getting a skin for it.

Well i am not one of those people, i am tired of the golden white bronze bits, with gold stations (ok i kinda like those).

Darkness and blood on my ships is what i require maybe with a skull and things and stuff especially on the T3Cs , what is up with those bad boring skins?

Just panel coloring here and there. the only t3D that looks decent is the black and red tengu in my humble opinion. (it reflects the seriousness of the caldari state, kinda like an uniform)

PS: love the black and pink on the last skins

Edit: T3C…not T3D :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you mean T3C?
But I agree. I would love to have a blood raider themed Legion… :sunglasses:
Only problem is their shapeshifting modulartiy, making it much more effort to produce skins for them. I guess that’s why the current ones für T3C are rather simple, compared to what other hulls have today.

About the golden skins, yea why not. But they need at least some different shades or variations of gold. Just pure pure gold would be to simple for my taste.

yeap T3C … never post without coffe…

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