Is it too late to ask for new blooder skins?

so here’s what they’re giving us for crimson harvest this year, so were on the same page:

(that should start playing at 47:05, if it doesn’t, sorry.)

So when i first heard that they were giving out blooder skins for all the ships, my first reaction was:

“cool, now i can make all my ships look like someone used it to bludgeon something to death with it”

And yea, they might have started with that or noticed right away that it works best with amarr ships because they’re white, but i’m still rather disappointed in the final result tbh, it looks like a small edit to the guardians gala skin with a skull plastered to the front. if they would have made it that they turned the ship a ghastly white with blood splatters i would’ve still been content.

I’d propose these kinds of skins be brought forward, something either just making the ship white or with amarrian colors covered with a Pollock massacre. Though it raises the question: would it then become NES merch if they released it now, or is it too late to see these this year?

I don’t think SKINs are very important so it’s hard for me to take these posts seriously when you suggest them as a change.

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