On old skins

A few weeks back I was in a Novice Factional Warfare plex in my trusty Punisher class Frigate. I looked at the friendly NPC to see what kind of ship class the Imperial Navy thought to defend it’s tactical site and lo, there was another Punisher! Like me! A spiritual, automated brother!

This Punisher though, was decorated in the colors of the Imperial Navy, and how beautiful she looked! I immediately went to the SKIN portion of the market, and then the Amarrian LP Stores to see where I could purchase this SKIN, so that I too may bear the chosen colors of the Imperial Navy on my favorite vessel.

Alas, it was to no avail! And that seemed curious to me. The art team has gone through so much trouble and done an amazing job making this color scheme, yet it lies out of reach.

I would like for those ships in game that have alternate skins, like the incredibly cool Imperial Navy Punisher, to be made available to Capsuleers. As is, without modification or anything more from the art team as I imagine they are quite busy. There are so many skins for ships across so many factions that deserve to be appreciated and repped by Capsuleers across the cluster.

I haven’t bought a SKIN yet, but you can be sure I would do so for this skin. It could be bought out of game, purchased in game in LP stores or what else have you, whatever is easiest for implementation. Hell maybe have the ones in LP stores be the x time use kind and the one you buy permanent. I don’t know how SKINs work I just know I would support this.

So, CCPlease, please, make these wonderful cosmetic designs you’ve already made available to the public. You did a great thing. Let me and others show our support.
@CCP_Darwin o7 man, and thanks for the protip.

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