Structure Skins

I think its Time to Implant sknis for Structures. i Would be the Fiist who would buy them for our drab Tatara.

Mfg Technicorps

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hehe - just be patient.
I am pretty sure there will be.
Because why would anyone waste an opportunity to make extra money in the online store?

it’s people like you that took away our chance at custom skins : /

Ah yes sigh - custom skins would really be great (corporation, alliance, dedicated fleets, personal touch, …).
But I’m afraid that’s never going to happen - because who would bother buying pre-designed skins?
Even though this could be compensated by charging plex for finalizing a design (charged differently for person, corp, …) - or by doing whatever the businessman has to do to squeeze something out of this.

See what you did there? Now you made me sad … :wink:

dream was nice while it lasted. we came so close when they announced skins and showed off the tech. talking about the ways they restricted it to make sure players didn’t make hello kitty pink or draw a bunch of dicks. told us they would test reception with a few skins they made. then people like Techni here started tossing so much money at them they had no choice but to keep selling them rather than letting us make our own.

they can’t make us pay to make ours since their argument as to why they cost money was that they had to pay the artists

Damn - and that’s why customizable skins really will never come, ever.
Now I’m still sad … maybe even more than before.

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banners are the closest we will get : / assuming those manage to get added

ooh, fancy - hehe - I’d love to see a Paladin charging into battle with a banner between the laser turret bays! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, not an oversized cloth flag? Oh well, in most places space doesn’t have a decent breeze anyway.

Thanks for creating that image in my twisted mind and saving the day again :smile:



Banners would be cool. “Soon”…

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