★☆★SkInS OvErKiLL★☆★

Yes, they WERE great, but now such an overkill.

What’s next?

LED light bar plugin’s
Alliance/Corp logos on ships?
Custom ship skins?

move along please

Seeing the word flags in this post made me think…
I wonder if as a joke (that would never happen) if CCP added a temporary (or forever?) ship into eve called the “Flagship”, which could be a massive sized ship nearly the size of a titan, but has no purpose other than to be a literal flying flag with a massive logo of the alliance. Just make it have a big shield strength or something, and cheap to build (i know it doesnt make sense, thats why its a joke), and just have one or more sitting in a massive battle with a huge flag of the ships alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: And don’t let it have any fighting capability, only a tank or something?

It does seem that a day doesn’t go past with a new ship skin of some description coming out and it is getting tiring, they obviously have a lot of people with not much to do accept to add coloured areas to small sections of ship hull (in some cases). It would be nice to know how many people actually work on the skins. Must be a good money spinner for CCP.

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Flashing PLEX ads on your ship, gives you 0.1% PLEX discount if you fly with them around Jita for a day.


Skins have 4 useful attributes:

  1. they’re cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay.

  2. some of them are actually quite attractive on the right ship - and that’s subjective. Different people will like different combinations.

  3. they make CCP money - some of which is reinvested in developing the game.

  4. they are 100% optional. There is no requirement to buy them if you don’t want to.

All good.


Right. Jut want to add the role playing part of the game: I hate caldari sign on my caldari ships, so I buy some skin like Lai Dai and stop feeling myself dirty after I undock in my Ferox.
Thats matters. Just wish they were not bound to aurum / plex, it really driven PLEX price up after skins were introduced.

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Skins have a 0% effect on gameplay, how could you possibly find some way to complain about them?

Minmatar loyalist, I do the same thing in order to fly my Amarr/Cald ships and not feel tarnished.

That would be sweet. Dunno what you’re complaining about. At least if it’s only logo’s and not totally custom skins nobody will be allowed a pokemon themed supercarrier. CCP could ensure it all fits within the EvE universe, because they already do that with Corp / Alliance logos.


The headhunter skins are actually very good. I like them. They drop from current event. I already have few from yesterday.

My favourite is slasher I think, for now.

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Its not really a complaint about skins, I agree that some look cool on the right ships, its moreso a complaint to ccp about how long it has been going on now, and to concur with what Giddy McFee said; it is getting tiring.

I’m getting so bored of opening my client and seeing another ship skin promotion - how about something new? i.e. cool neon light packs or summin

You sure about that?
or http://e.dotlan.net/images/Alliance/99001697_128.png

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I’m just glad there are some that are affordable now. When skins first came out the only ones available were very expensive. I have found a few lately in the million isk range and less.

I want my Hello Kitty Avatar.

The recent Crimson SKINs are pretty good. Its a shame they are on so few ships.

Yes, I will take all of those.


The bigger shame is that they are not all available in the event sites. Most of the skins are only available due to RL cash. And CCP was annoying enough to not separate the cash skins clearly from the ingame-event skins like they did last year, which means even more customer deception.

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Those Crimson SKIN are dropped from the Event sites, I have 5 or 6.

The sites are very farm able in LS as the respawn over and over again in the same system (once you kill BC) and you get the BS spawn every time so you get a roll twice.

Anyone want to buy 15 Accelerators :slight_smile: , I have enough to last both my accounts until they expire lol. Might give them away at the next spectre fleet ganked night (if its a good doctrine and I can be bothered getting up at 3Am for it)

Do you have found a Talos skin? Or a Typhoon skin? Hel skin? No? I guess you only found frigate and cruiser skins. Check the New Eden Store for Headhunter. You’ll see what I mean.

I have a full set of cruiser and frigate Headhunter skins from the Gauntlets, but never have I found a higher ship class skin.

OK, Yeah its only dropped for 4 Cruiser and 4 frigs. Nothing Bigger.

I was hoping for a Typhoon myself :frowning: but if you check the headhunter box drops it lists the ones dropped.

CCP has to pay the people who make the SKINs I guess, the more money they ahve the more Eve we might get (unless they spend it on VR and then pull out of the market) .

Personally I hate most of them since there is so little variation and they are often very Dark and hard to make out. If you are rocking a SKIN you want people to be able to see it . At least the Crimson SKINs have some detail other than just dark black/brown/green hull parts.


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