...just a suggestion while answering the new actual survey I was bothered with "this questions lead to nowhere"

My suggestion is create skins for upwell structures and also create variations of appearance on those (not on keepstars) but make it possible to e.g. industrial athanors look slightly different (shape) as a second option to skins (color variations) and cut down dramatically the number of the r64/32 moons in null to give reasons for true regional meaningfully fights.

It be a great way for CCP to earn with those skins.
**and add more Orca skins instead of T1 skins for ships nobody warps around.

the problem with Skins for structure is that a structure is not owned by a player. skins are linked to the player to if the player logged off their skin would deactivate, negating the Visual functionality that is given with the SKINS system.

You’re saying that, when I’m in a skinned ship, scrammed and log off,
the skin is disappearing from my ship?

Sounds cool, I like the idea of structures with skin.


One thing at a time, we only just got purple for minmatar ships…

Maybe in another decade we can do this skins for structures thing.

no. you are still in space as an entity. you will remain so for up to 15 minuets after you actively log out of the game (if you have the appropriate combat/log off timer)

this feature is in place to stop the age old practice of combat logging when you are losing.

as long as the player entity is in space and occupying a hull the skin will remain.
if you eject from a ship its skin will revert to the base hull as your avatar is not directly controlling it.

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