Ship redesign and skins

Over time CCP has done an amazing job with the visuals of EVE and how things look. But unfortunately there is still some things that could be better.

First off the redesigning of ship hulls.

I think that most of the butt ugly ships have been taken care of but there are a few that still look like the ships looked in 2003 and really need an urgent new hull…( they look like :poop:)
These include the following:

-Scythe and it’s variants ( looks like a damn mosquito :mosquito:)
-Bellicose and it’s variants ( The wing part looks okay but the main tank turret look alike hull is ugly AF )
-Imicus and Helios ( But keep it asymmetrical as a lot of players like that about the Helios )
-Svipul ( Looks like a few plates and boxes accidentally got welded together and !!BAM!! The svipul was born )

One thing I think CCP should focus on when redesigning the minmatar ships is the “fins/wings” they have because that is one thing that gives minmatar it main characteristic. Example: Vagabond, Stiletto, Tempest, Maelstrom that all look absolutely amazing in my opinion.

Secondly the skins.

I really do thank CCP for all the skins they are bringing out and have brought out as I can see they are really making an effort to improve the quality of the skins and the amount of skins they bring out BUT I do have some issues.
In general the main factions have the same amount of skins between them. ( I thought Amarr would have a lot more skins than the others but I see CCP fixed that. )

Amarr - 42
Caldari - 45
Galente - 43
Minmatar- 42
Although certain ship have a lot more skins available to them than others.

My problem comes in with the Pirate Factions.

Guristas - 12
Sansha’s Nation -2
Blood Raiders - 1 (There is a second AT skin but nobody would be able to get that )
Angel Cartel - 8
Serpentis - 6 ( Also has a AT skin )
Mordu’s Legion - 5
Triglavian Collective - 4

DO you see the problem here? Sansha’s Nation and Blood Raisers have basically NO skins where as Triglavian ships have more skins and have been in this game for about a year now.
And I know a lot of people are going to say skins are stupid and over rated but to those people I say… :fu:

I know CCP makes skins for the ships and factons that will sell the most on the EVE store because they need to pay there salaries, but at least make some good looking skins for all the ships in the game, not just a select few.

AND BTW CCP although Sansha ships are kind of shitty I would start flying them if they had this skin-

And that’s my stupid complaints about ships and skins at it’s end.:sunglasses:

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