Ship redesigning

I suggest you guys (Dev) redesign some of the minmatar cruisers. For example the bellicose and the scythe

Did you mean, redesign the model or the stats?

I think they should focus on pirate hulls that don’t have unique designs first

Also the scythe is great

Agree, the Bhaalgorn deserves his own model.

Talking about redesigning models, just to let know the OP, is always a WIP thing. They slow down a little this year for classic capsulers ships do to the Concord Redesign and there are a lot of ships which need some look, like the Coercer or the Capital Ships.

Just need to wait and see :wink:

They can stay away from caps… they shat all over the camera when they did that one. Took one of the sturdiest looking ships in the game and made it look like it would break in half just trying to move


Personally I think they should focus on redesigning the pirate capitals. Either that or give us a lore friendly and 100% logical explanation about how could the Guristas steal a titan (or it’s blueprint), which is the largest ship of the Calary navy. And I won’t accept the “they bought it from the market” answer.
Speaking of Guristas, what do you think about redesigning the Gila based on the old model of the Moa?

why not? they are sold freely… and have been for well over a decade

it was one of my favorite so I would love to see it come back in some form. they could do the same for the rattle with the old scorp.

they would ofc need updating and a few tweeks

Sure! I think it would make more sense if the old designs were stolen instead of the most recent version.

Two things that might get mentioned.

First is that the founders of the Guristas were originally part of the Caldari Navy, and are rumored to have high-level connections and spies within the Caldari government and military.

Second is that the Guristas are no strangers to stealing/making deals to obtain blueprints. In the novella Ruthless, Otro Gariushi provided the Guristas with a copy of the blueprint for the prototype that would become the Raven. I forget exactly why, but at the end of that exchange Gariushi had taken the position of CEO of Ishukone.

All this is to say that there is a lot of precedent for the Guristas “acquiring” blueprints and technology and then adding their own spin.

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what is a ship without the design

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