Redesign some ships? Wishlist

I browsed thru the ship tree and I see many ships in urgent need of redesign.

Some need a drastic redesign: Imicus, Catalyst, Inquisitor, Burst. Bellicose.

Some need update to model, keeping most of the shape in general, only making them smart, smooth the kinks, make shape elegant looking: Celestis, Atron, Vigil, Cynabal, Armageddon. Ragnarok, Leviathan, Phoenix. Thorax, Erebus, Heron.

We have seen in past years updates to models and textures for ships. But, the redesigns stopped! Why? Redesigns were performed generally with very positive effect. Its very worrying that CCP forgot about such an essential thing in a space game as spaceships!

The best redesigns were i my opinion for the battleships. Basically every battleship (added before Rokh, Maelstrom and Abaddon) was redesigned, but sadly, Armageddon stays not redesigned…

I wish they would redesign Armageddon. Maybe something like this below:

CCP could keep old model for blood raiders tho. They deserve to have a zombie battleship.

Please also post ships you would like to be redesigned, or post your redesigns, in paint, on paper, or other., dont have to be professional, maybe general outline with some idea what to improve.

If we stay silent the ships will stay looking old and outdated graphically and not redesigned. :cry:


Please redesign the Helios, the Anathema is much nicer looking but Helios attributes wins.

I’d love to see more redesigns. Especially some of the bigger, supposedly more impressive ships like Titans could use redesigns. It’s a shame only the Avatar has a very distinct unique design, unlike the three others in my opinion.

I just wish they keep the general design of the Imicus and Catalyst close to what they are now: unique, recognisable and asymmetric.

People who wish to fly symmetric ships have plenty of other options.

That Geddon concept is sick. Looks very aggressive while still retaining core elements of Amarr design philosophy.


I’d love to see the Drake given more capacitor. It’s absurd that I can easily run weapons and tank on a Gnosis that max out the capacitor on a Drake.

I think this is about visual design.

Looks like CCP (Eve Online) are copying Frontier (Elite Dangerous) again with ship visual modifications.

Figure 1: Eve Online ship visuals Fanfest 2022

Figure 2: Elite Dangerous ship kits (see Ship Kits - Elite Dangerous Gamestore)

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TBH I dont like those holographic addons. I will never use them, for me they obstruct the shape of ship itself and from design point they are like someone would wear 4 caps on head, too much stuff going on, placing them on every ship in different places so they harmonize at least somewhat with shape would be a lot of unnecessary work for designer from my standoint, me, who dont expect to use them.

But, if they ever add them, I demand a holographic red glowing clown nose and holographic rainbow afro for each one. Because it will fit best.

I agree, I much prefer realistic, detailed and good-looking ships without the addition of brightly coloured holograms everywhere.

Definitel redesigning Imicus would be a lot less work and that would have a serious impact on prettiness of EVE.

I have added Heron to the wishlist, and because I remember that the redesign concept was already showed by CCP in 2019.

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