Rumors about Merlin redesign?

Hi All

I know, I know. Design is a matter of taste and you might not agree on that.
But in my oppinion the Merlin hull has some great variants, i just dont like the look of them.

Thats why I wonder, if there are some redesign rumors or even announcements around?

We just got re-designs of Caldari industrials and the Osprey variants, which we’ve been teased with for months, so I assume that if there is one in the works it’ll be a long ways off. Haven’t heard about any other remodels being in the pipes.


Thats exactly what Ive ben afraid of. :slight_smile:

Thx for jour response!

Actually its a deafening silence. Its roaring!

I have my personal list of redesigns I would like to see and most of them are gallente.

  1. Imicus
  2. Catalyst
  3. Thorax
  4. Bellicose
  5. Celestis
  6. Scythe
  7. Phoenix
  8. Armageddon

In such order.

Agree, i would love to see a different hull for my Helios/Imicus, it is (IMO) horrible atm

it needs the Maulus hull, again.

I am curious as to what you’d like to see done with the Armageddon.

This is how it looks now

Its low on my priority list, but I think it could profit from shifting some proportions, filling the middle part and redesigning it in a shape reminiscent more of this shape:

It is what I made right now, what I had in mind and could shape fast.

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Mmm I do like that better. Removes some of the Matari influence from the midsection and the awkwardness of the bow, while keeping a big ol’ flat surface to prominently display the Blaze SKIN.

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