Osprey redesign?

What ever happened to it? I was looking forward to it, but I never heard mention of it during the twitch stream. The concept art for it last year looked so amazing too. Is there anything anyone knows besides; Soon™?

CCP BunyVirus basically remodeled it and since then I dont know what happened. Texturing and some SKIN remakes probably.

Thanks for the info. I know it takes them a while to get new models done, I just get nervous when no news is shared during fanfest cause I feel that they’ve either forgotten about it, or scrapped the whole thing.

I was also hoping to hear more info on project Nova, maybe another demo showing how the game is coming along. They said they’re still working on it, but ehhhh. I’ve heard that before.

Caldari Industrial ships like Tayra for example were ready some time ago, only waiting for a release theme to come by, because as I have heard recently, CCP wants to release ships in themed expansions. So probably the next industrial expansion will have industrial ships. Faction warfare - faction ships and so on.

need new model osprey !!!

Damn right I hate jumping into the current ship model, ugh!!!

The Gallente and Minmatar industrial ships could definitely use some TLC too.

Imicus is a sin against nature also. I remember there being a rework for that too. Not sure why they would wait for themes in order to release reworked models. Looks don’t effect the game mechanically. Unless they actually plan on changing the stats of the ships with the model changes.

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What, you don’t like the “kickstand”?

I’m not touching the Osprey until they do this

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