Model Feedback - Badger, Navitas, Tayra

Gotta say, for all three hulls (and their derivatives) I really like the model updates for the Badger, Navitas and Tayra.

Wanted to put my two cents in for the art team: Well done. While the Badger and Tayra are definitely different from the original models, they fit their role much better, and are probably more recognizable than they were before - despite their plain shape.

The Navitas too is recognizably the old design, in spirit, but fits far better with the newer aesthetics for Gallente tech, in general. I personally like the visual of the exposed components, not unlike a classic muscle car or hot rod with exposed engine.

As a personal aside: I’m eager to see any progress on the update for the Osprey. With all the concept art and quick clips of model work that have been floating around, I’m hoping a visual update for it could happen sooner, rather than later.

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I really hope they get the new Osprey’s size correct, it seems to be way to large for just a cruiser.

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Love the new models :slight_smile:
I wish they would re-do the celestis. Literally the only reason i never fly an arazu is because it’s so fuckin ugly.

Don’t bother holding onto the spirit of the old model either ccp, holy ■■■■ that hull is ugly. Jesus.


Lest you be working and unable to get on the test server…

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Likewise with the Imicus/Helios, CCPleeeeeze!

tayra/badger looks now like space truck.

navitas is now something nice to fly
helios/imicus needs rework
celestis need rework
aeon need to have his other side completed

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