Who Asked for this (Make the Navitas not look like a Vexor)

I use the Navitas on a regular basis because there was something i was just drawn to in it’s aesthetic. and now they’ve gone and made it look like a vexor or a domi, which, i think are butt-ugly ships btw, and now i don’t know what i feel about this new change. why did you guys do this to my beloved Navi?


Probably makes it easier to re-use the same skin across hulls so that they can turn up that skin production to 11.

I’ve usually been a fan of their remakes, but this is the first one to really rub me the wrong way. The navitas was already one of the most unique looking ships that wasn’t also a kick stand (looking at you imicus). They removed a large portion of the gap that was unlike any other ship and they took away a lot of its curves which I thought was the more Gallente design ascetic.

If it HAS to change it would be nice if others in desperate need of a change got it first. Like the aforementioned imicus/helios or celestis or something.


It used to look like a weird alien thing. It was cool, but didn’t really fit the Gallente aesthetic. Now it looks more appropriate. I like the new models.

The only issue I have with the new model is that the ship is not a drone boat.

You got a drone boat in the Gallente Frigate line already.

You don’t see the irony in your statement??!!
I like the gal recons and Helios is my bby!
Vexor and domi are iconic!
New Navi looks nice and the old one…I already forget what it looked like TBH.
I know how you feel (rip fatman nemisis) but it is done and staying done.

Correct and it was originally planned to use the Navitas model but got changed last minute, now the Navitas looks even more like a drone ship but it’s a logi ship still.

You realise literally every redesign gets feedback like this from at least some people…

I like the new navitas. My only dislike is the symmetry of the ‘pectoral fins’.

CCP Fozzie wrote

Marcel Devereux wrote:

What I am saying is that the Navitas looks like a space fish like the Vexor and Dominix. The Tristan does not.

The Navitas also looks a lot like the Exequror

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Now it looks more like a vexor

it used to look like a fishy ship :slight_smile: with the tail

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