Ishtar Revamp? Please?

Can we please have the Ishtar model redesigned to cooler looking ship? It is literally a flying upside down space boot or space potato. Can we have another ship design contest for this, like CCP had for the attack battlecruisers? Probably the Celestis and a few other ships need a design overhaul.

Thank you!

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No no no no, THANK YOU!

Brilliant idea!

The Ishtar and Vexor were 2 of the last hulls that got redesigned not so long ago.


Thought it’s supposed to look like a water pistol. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Though this also works…



LOL yeah the HairDryer HAC

Wut. It looks fine.

Do you not know what the ships used to look like ROFL

The Vexor class family of ships were built to represent a barded warhorse’s head including reins.
This was a clever nod to the knight piece used in chess as a moderately strong, mobile unit used to probe enemy lines. One of most clever design ideas by CCP.

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Now, the Bellicose… THAT model needs an immediate rework. I made better looking ships when I was 5… with legos and sticks and tape. :face_vomiting:

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