Redesign Ishtar Contest? Please? 1 year plex?


The Ishtar is such an awesome ship BUT it looks like a potato and the hairdryer had genetically defective kid.

I’m pretty sure im not the only one but I would like to have an Ishtar redesign contest for a 1 year subscription for the winner, which I will fund, for one account. Yep, that’s how badly I hate the way it looks. Maybe CCP can offer something to the winner as well. I remember we had the ship design contests back when the attack BCs came out and the designs were awesome. Some of the best looking ships in the game.

CCP would you be on board with this?

Also - take a look at the Cerberus / Caracal - they look like they hit something with their nose and it got bent. Or like one of those classic paper airplanes that hit a wall with their nose and it bent…just ugh. I’d fund 1 -year for that winner of that contest too.

Please take this into consideration. Thanks

You do know many of the ships in this game are just reskinned t1 hulls right? Usually done to save money. They also argue everything is “technology” based so the hulls don’t need to be changed. :man_shrugging: :joy:

I mean I wish we had a unique hull for command ships. Where do we stop? What is ugly and what is not?

Gila redesign when??

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Yes, I do.

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Just because you don’t like how a ship looks it doesn’t mean other people don’t like how it looks.

I think the Caracal/Cerb and Vexor/Ishtar look cool

Random thought: when I first started, I really wanted to one day fly a Vexor, and I still do, but i haven’t yet because my drone and armor skills aren’t great, and i don’t have any Gallente ship skills trained besides frigs to 1 or 2

I miss flying my vni in nullsec

Why did you stop flying it in null?

I dont operate in null anymore and mechanics around the vni changed a lot since then


I don’t know much about drone stuff, the most i have used them is against belt rats for the month or two i tried mining, but other than how to get them to attack, and how to recall them, i don’t know anything about them

Same as mining drones