PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include the ability to change ship designs

Please let us be able to go back to the old Navitas ship design! I don’t like the new design it looks like a boring airplane.

This is so EFFING BORING!! Please let us go back to the old Navitas design!

heres the old ship design. Im so glad I took a screenshot before you dullards ruined it

I’ve been playing this game for years and I’ve never been more depressed in my life about a video game spaceship

looks like I’ll have to find another game to play so I can get my mind off of this travesty. Good lord what an awful ship design

please give me back the old navitas. don’t take it away from me

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F to old design

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You know where i come from we usually offer buttsex when we’re about to troll someone

Stop spamming

OP likes shrimp I guess.


No more shrimp for you. HTFU.

Maybe they try to steal back from star citizen and make a ships look like airplanes now.


Well then …

… for your mental health, yes, absolutely.

And they should also contact local authorities tl tell them about you apparently having severe psychological problems regarding a rather silly thing. There’s always a potential for depressed people to do things they really shouldn’t. You openly admit that it causes you depression, and that’s a really, really bad sign.

Moving the overly serious seriousness aside …

  • Please don’t do that again … in your own interest. You have no idea what kind of trouble you can put yourself into.
  • No one cares, princess; you will not get what you want.
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Cry me a river. This is the only real travesty:

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New design looks better.

New designs REPLACE old ones…

There is no turning back :slight_smile:

I propose CCP makes all old designs “Tech 0” and give them properties fitting their exteriors, like some completely poor ones, and implement them as droppable blueprints from NPCs in missions.

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This will never happen.

There never will be 2 navitas in the game.

Why should they?

And btw,i don’t like the “new” badger too.
I think this “design” is a ■■■■■■■ JOKE,but i don’r DEMAND a reroll because i know it has no chance to happen.
You OP should do the same,live with it and stop complaining…

But why do you think so?

Because it’s not bulky and dirty and smelly and rusty like any freighter should be anymore… :slight_smile:
It looks like 2 titans have alongsided a poor original badger and smashed it to what we have now :slight_smile:

From all of it I see only bulky as a reference to shape. Google suggested this image:

I think I will take current design tho. :sunglasses:


I don’t know where you normally troll around at the internet but sometimes google will suggest you results regarding to your preferences :slight_smile:

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