CCPlease Redesign the Imicus / Helios Model

So yeah, kind of self explanatory, and probably not the first time this has been asked.

Why tho? What has the cute little Imicus done to deserve being replaced?


it’s like a meme ship at this point XD

Credit u/Inta_Vakaria (reddit) so far as I can find.


Oh thanks now i can’t unsee this… CCP really needs to change the model now.

You know it helps to explain how and why.

Normally you post a concept, not just topic.

I feel like my work here is done :wink:


I like it. Always have. :smile:

well i mean, it’s pretty self explanatory, isn’t it widely regarded as a very ugly ship that’s kinda weird and don’t fit well with the rest of the designs? lol i feel bad for the poor imicus saying that.

Old concept art

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I love the imicus. Please dont change.

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