Caldari Heron design refit

The Caldari Heron is a fairly decent frigate, but it is in bad need of a design refit. It looks more like a Star Wars empire shuttle to me, more than anything else. I’m not a graphics artist or anything. But I really do think it’s in desperate need of a major refit.


Caldari Heron, love it’s attributes, not fond of it’s looks. Design refit please?

I was hoping maybe you had drawn something for me to look at!

There is already available redesign concept shown by CCP, but nobody ever said when it could be finished, and knowing that Imicus redesign concept was shown too many years ago without any news about how it turned out, we could basically wait past eternity.

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FOFF , don’t touch that already beautiful Heron.

please stop posting stupid ideas.

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It does need a small overhaul for the design.

Very cool concept. Surprised that didn’t make it in. I’m a little torn though when they change ships. The current Heron is so bad it’s good, an Eve classic

What’s the old saying “the classics are the best?”

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I’m not really wanting to change it’s overall look, more… Modernize it. Add some flight cycling stuff to it, maybe create weapon ports that cycle open and closed etc. You know, something along those lines. More to bring it’s look more in line with the newer Caldari ship designs sleekness w/o destroying it’s immediate visual impact. Kinda like the drawing someone posted above. Clean it up. Make it look newer.

NCC 1701 to NCC 1701A type refit. Same look overall. Cleaner lines.


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2 points for necroing this thread just five days before it locked!

Yeah might be time for that new design. But maybe CCP have been stalling because they already had skins designed to fit the actual Heron.

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