Plz redesign those ugly ship

Like the Victorieux Luxury Yacht like stuff. Plz I use this Yacht whenever I go to jita and it pains my heart, you call this a yacht? isnt suppose to look like cooler?

Yacht after imicus! Imicus first !!!


Nope. Its appearance has historical significance. It needs to stay the same.

aw ><

I guess to clarify. The single rarest ship the game has ever seen was the Opus Luxury Yacht. There are 2 cases of NPCs using it, and there was an event at the dawn of EVE where a player got hold of one he wasn’t supposed to and the devs let him keep it. It stayed in the database all these years with players wondering “when am I ever going to see one of these?” The Victorieux is a concession to the players that would like to see/fly the original without actually making the original available.


Maybe it should be reclassified as “luxury yuck”. :rofl:

Though on a serious note I see no issue with its design, lore-wise in the times and mindsets of New Eden this might be one of the coolest looking ships ever.

It have only one redeeming feature and its domed gardens, one in a shape of a heart (somewhat).

Dont know why its called luxury, it looks like few blobs sticked together. Blob Yacht.

No! A redesigned Imicus wouldn’t be an Imicus anymore.

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The Osprey still needs to be at the top of the list. Ever since I mined in one as a newer player (back before many of the specialized mining ships) I couldn’t get over how horrendous they looked.

It’s like they took two ugly ships and said… maybe if we take the right side of this ship and the left side of the other one it would look okay… and got the monstrosity known as the Osprey as a result.

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An example of design by committee. :grin:

–R&D Gadget

Considering that it was prettiest from all caldari cruisers, I think devs could have waited with redesign. I certainly think of some gallente frigates and cruisers needing it more.

you think the yacht is ugly
it has a park you can see
an actual park with little ponds in the roof
wow i bet you wanna kill all the koalas too


The Atron was my particular bugbear. Yuck!

–Sickened Gadget

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