Ten Ugliest Ships in Eve?

Hey hey!
I would like to make a youtube video about the ten ugliest ships in eve, what they do, and why they are actually probably pretty great.
Tell me what you think the ugliest ships in eve are?

The old-school moa comes to mind, the new one is nice though.
The imicus is certainly in there, iteron, and perhaps certain minmatar ships lol!

Celestis, Arazu, Lachesis

These ships bring shame to Gallente aesthetics.

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Cockroach, Polaris, Enigma, Thunderchild, Stormbringer, whatever the last Edencom ship is called.

Victoriex Luxury yacht, bantam, all four Sansha’s nation ships, probe, lif, moros, and the noctis/ porpoise.

Don’t forget the UHF TV ANTENNA ARRAY (i.e. Heron)

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Actually, the bantam isn’t -that- bad, it looks like an industrial loader, like something that should be loading station containers and such onto the freighters (kind of like a space tow-motor)

I think our feelings about the Heron and Bantam are simply reversed from what you said about them.

Quite possibly, matters of taste and all

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The pods are the ugliest.

Now have fun explaining why they should be useful/great. :sweat_smile:

All the rusty minmatar ships :wink:

I’d rather fly a Minmatar shuttle than a Gal horse dong :wink:


This is simply because judging an EVE ship by its appearance is DAF. You read the traits, fitting and attributes, ignore the appearance, and then begin to judge the ship. Next you might want to read some opinions on it before coming to a final conclusion. Maybe even check out the killboard.

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Gallente ships look like disembodied mammal organs, period.

they don’t want you to know they are secretly Trigs… after all, look at the front of the Tristan :wink:

Speaking as a a loyal member of the Empire it is very satisfying that no one has identified our noble hulls as anything but divine in their design.

The small Gallente ships are better than the large ones. But that really isn’t saying much in their favour.
The Minmatar ships do have a functionality about them, though they never make “pretty” they aren’t offensive. They also have a “Space Galleon”.
The Caldari ships are generally OK, but do tend to ape the shapes of creatures rather than be of a “space practical” design. Almost as if someone thought of the name then did a design rather than named a practical ship.
Amarrian ships - I do like the way the reflect Amarrian culture. Some are better than others, but in general they do reflect the “wrathful brick” you’d expect of the Empire. But you have to like Gold and Ivory.

I can live with the shapes of the various Pirate and non-Empire ships, they do reflect the backgrounds of their designers - though the Sansha’s Nation ships do tend to veer towards the “dark spiky bad dream” style of design.

I do like the work CCP have been doing to progressively update the designs - the improvement in the graphics systems on PCs has enabled more detail and layering of structures, some of the old designs (Stabber, I’m looking at you) don’t stand up compared to the newer ships. I’m looking forward to seeing some more of the updated Amarrian hulls - the Executioner update is rather nice.


Top the ugliest:
Catalyst - asymetric space ladder with too much scrap looking stuff of different kind along the way, even few barrels of gallente anal lube I think, should be thrown into the sun and forgotten
Imicus - broken as f%*k not a ship but an undead monster from the bottom of medical trash bucket where doctors throw away cancer cut out from inside people
Bellicose- it looks like it is crawling with broken wings thru space, dragging fat ass in the rear
Burst - heaps of scrap loosely connected, must have been some homeless man shelter once
Cynabal - inflated frog
Armageddon - big headed abomination of low quality
Thorax - chaotic overall, must originated in a halucinogenic mushroom, blue pill and powdered dandruff induced creation process
Celestis - womb that became spaceship, maybe imicuses are born inside of it, who knows…
Erebus - inflated waterhead giant that should have been aborted when still in an idea phase
Charon - bunch of enormous caldari trash compactors
Scythe - heaps of railings and containers looking like space insect that wants to die, fat ass and flimsy wings good for nothing
Mammoth - space garbage cans connected together
Inquisitor - a bit of shiny poo
Caldari Navy Hookbill - they called it “big, bloody nose” in caldari navy rookie school
Vigil- dancing with rust bucket on head

There is everything, from aborted mechanical fetuses, thru heaps of scrap, to weird shaped cupboards and funny big headed and big nosed clownships.

@Maximillian_Bonaparte roast them ships


The ugliest ship is a broken Friendship


Oh thats gotta be number one!

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-Caracal (looks like a caltrop made from plastic straws.)




Pirate faction:
-Nightmare (it’s basically a vertical Catalyst with a thousand knives tacked on)

(these make the list for the same reason: While the Noctis being ugly fits because of its job, the Porpoise and Primae are ugly due to CCP being lazy. They should have different models.)