The thanny is the ugliest carrier in the game

This failed abortion of a ship could use a facelift.


I rather dislike the aesthetics of Gallente ships as a rule, but I honestly prefer the Thanny over the Niddy.


‘He who does not respect the Thanatos dies by the Thanatos.’

– Me


How can you think the Thanatos is uglier than the Aeon?


I suspect OP is differentiating between carriers and supercarriers. So they’re only comparing the Thanatos to the Chimera, the Archon and the Nidhoggur.

At least I hope so.

The Aeon is sexy to me, (Though I wouldn’t mind a new model thats more symmetrical) but I agree the thanny is ugly.

Edit: Spelling correction, symmetrical, not asymmetrical. (I’ve been at work for 16 hours.)

The aeon is the definition of an asymetrical ship

The Algos is the best looking Gallente ship… which is sad. You would think a culture built on freedom would have better artists and designers. I guess they like the Van Gogh art style.

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Nah, here’s the carrier cosmetics heiarchy:

Nah, more like.

Archon, Nid, Thanny, the flying I-beam/oversized rokh thing the caldari fly.

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Warping around, I think I like the archon the least. That ship looks like an I-beam in flight.

The Chimera has risen to be my favorite. I love that submarine/train.
The Thanatos would be second, though I’d like to see it’s eventual reskin give it a more Gallentean profile. The Nyx, Erebus, and Moros have a bulbous quality to them that the Thanny just lacks.

I feel like you only chose the Archon because you’re Amarrian.

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Ehhhh, ok maybe I’m a “tad” biased towards Amarrian design. But in fairness I find plenty of other ships sexy, the nyx is undeniably dead sexy, and I have a soft spot for sansha ships. But overall, Amarrian designs “usually” are the best to me. (Few exceptions such as the tumor omen.)

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I fly a higher end Thanatos and am pleased with performance. I have every skin except the quafe skin, which is long lost.
Would be nice to get a redesign of the studded space spatula. It’s tired and looks rather improvised, kind of random.

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I love mine. Please don’t change (though appreciate he OP has a different view… …because he’s a heathen).

Actually, anything Minmatar, especially the Vigil, God himself has forsaken his creation and cursed it.

Found the Caldari scum.

Nah mate, the archon absolutely needs it more610003


the thanatos does need a re-design

I find Gallente ships to be the ugliest in general, often looking like weird sex toys or space potatoes or whatever else. However, I don’t mind the Thanatos.