Can't the Moros have a Caille Neon skin too?

So I had a gander at these skins a week or two ago when they first started showing up in the preview window, and immediately took a fancy. These skins look good on all the ships they’ve been applied to.

Here’s my problem.

CCPLEASE can you give the MOROS shiny new amazing skins? EVEN JUST ONE SKIN please. For the love of god I want to see a pretty explosion the next time I drop one of these somewhere.

All the skin options for the Moros are, imo, rather garbage. And all these shiny new skins keep coming out and going on the Thanatos, Nyx, and Erebus, but you, like, seem to forget the dread. Why? Why do you hate your dreadnought? Why can’t the Moros have nice things? Especially now that I have to waste even more isk replacing them since you changed the insurance payout.

CCP, I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. But you won’t give me shiny Moros skins to throw plex away on. :frowning:


Can’t this crap just go away?

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Here’s an answer to your question:


This is the first time Iphigeneia has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Hello Iphigeneia,

Welcome to the community.

CCP really does like money: often they will release a group that they have finished, just to get the ball rolling - and continue working in the background on others in that lineup for a later bundled release. They also do this in small batches to gauge popularity: why keep working on a particular design style if nobody’s buying the first few, for example.

Thank you for the welcome! :slight_smile: I’ve actually been playing over four years but rarely see the need to venture on the forums.

But after seeing approximately 400 skins released for various Gallente ships, and the Nyx, Thanatos, and Erebus continuing to receive attention while the Moros is left to rot with almost exclusively old-style skins (the Spirit one being the exception, and is generally considered not a good look for the Moros anyway), I had to yell at a cloud :slight_smile:

I did, by the way, purchase several of the Caille Neon skins for other ships. But man would it look good on the Moros.

Also, in reply to this:

I mean, if nobody is buying Moros skins off the NES in general, ok. But CCP hasn’t actually released ANY of the shiny new Gallente skins to be available on the Moros. Like, every time I see a new skin release I check and sure enough there are none for the Moros. So if you never actually sell Moros skins, how would you even know whether people are buying them? The Revelation has some truly excellent skins, so don’t tell me that people just don’t want dread skins.

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