Give Angel cartel some love

Im a fan of angel cartel ships also Mordus, but the ship designs are restrictes to subcapital only.
Why dony give them at last a dread. It would make some sense since they are more like the merceneraies type of pirates, focuses mostly on damage output.
What ya think? :thinking:

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I mainly fly Minmatar and Angel ships, that would be nice to have.

But do we really need more ships?

Also what about all the other Pirate Factions? They’d also need to have Dreads as well just to maintain balance.

I dread for Mordus and Angel would be nice since they got only subcaps. Possibly the angel dread design should be different from the neglafar (hate that design). :grinning:
Hopefuly CCP notices this and makes my dream come true. Actually will try to design one by myself :thinking:

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Doesn’t hurt to try, might even happen.

Years ago a player proposed having an Industrial ship capable of hauling other ships that were completely assembled and fit with modules. Eventually CCP introduced the Bowhead

I remember rumors of an Angel dread a while ago. I wonder what happened with that.

yea they at least had concept art for angel caps, guessing they will be out some day soon™

Have you been living under an asteroid? Blood Raiders, Serpentis, and Guristas all have dreads. At this point it’s more unbalanced not to give every faction dreads.

Like I said, I only pilot Minmatar and Angel ships. As such I don’t check out all the other Factions ships.

But hey, I agree, let’s have the Dev’s add even more ships to the list and make sure every single ship class is available from all Factions.

Nah its not unbalanced. Its just another variety of dread. Why not have it they keep adding these triglavian ships. 2 more dread to make it fair for everyone.

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