Can we get more Dreadnought's please?

Old time player here, I pop back in from time to time just to see how things are and it’s good to see the interesting way this game has developed.

However one of the things that disappoints me is that after all this time is that while other shiptypes have seen a lot of iteration, development and expansion Dreadnoughts have more or less had nothing much new.

As a lvl5 Cert holder in Dreadnoughts this is very hard to swallow. If we compare the Dread class to the Carrier class you can see that mastering Carriers allows you access to Carriers, Motherships(SuperCarriers), and Fleet Auxilliaries. Three related but distinct ship types with distinct styles.

Whereas Mastering dreads nets you exactly one ship and playstyle. This is particularly painful if you are a Gallente Dread pilot and your fearsome engine of destruction that you spent years to master essentially looks like a big giant turd.

I think this is a wasted opportunity for iteration and diversity in the game and I’d like to propose that CCP consider filling out the Dread ranks similar to how they’ve done with Carriers.

So while Carriers have: Carrier-Force Auxilliary-Mothership

I’d love to see them fill out Dreadnoughts with: Dreadnought-Ship of the Line-Flagship

This is pretty simple to envision how they could do it.

Ships of the Line would be more aggressive ships oriented towards fleet fighting more then structure bashing. The simplest idea would be to add one weapon mount and detract a correspondingly fair amount of toughness. This would setup a dynamic where you would have a tougher option in the existing Dreads, and a more aggressive option in the Ships of the Line. The Moros being something of a scaled up Dominix, and the Gallente Ship of the Line being a scaled up Megathron in comparison.

You could iterate on it further but I think that is a really sound starting point for a new hull. Maybe if you want to be adventurous you could offer alternative weapon types. The Caldari Ship of the Line offering a Hybrid option, and the Minmatar Ship of the Line using Capital Torps for example.

Now where it gets interesting would be Flagships. Since Motherships are hella expensive but offer some Titan Functionalities in a budget fashion, Flagships can do the same in a different way.

Now you may ask “How could we dip our toe into that design space and make a worthwhile Supercap out of a dreadnought?” I’m gonna just come out and say it, we give that sucker a Jump Bridge and the ability to mount a doomsday.

Which would justify a Supercap price tag and create both a fleet purpose and a fascinating direct damage role for Dreadnought players.

So what do you think. Add your two cents and share your comments and concerns. Frankly I think the time has come for more Dreadnought options and I don’t think it’s really terribly difficult to come up with some good ideas for what those Hulls would be like.

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Found it.

Found it again.

Also, how about, instead of your bad idea, we just stick with what CCP has been doing:


And just leave it at that.

CCP already has enough problems trying to balance what capital ships already exist NOW without the need for added pressure from adding yet another class of capital ships that (by your idea) would just add to garbage useless fanfiction ideas.


Bro, no need to be Harsh. I genuinely think another hull in the class would be nice. Frankly I’m sick of not having an option in the single largest skill investment I have in the game.

Just give me a Gallente Dread that doesn’t look like a Turd and I’d be happy.


Attention, I present to you Zirnitra

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Arent there more Dread types than there are shuttles?


don’t mind him - he sits there f5’ing new ideas to crap on all day.

Good luck with your idea.

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You’re asking for a supercapital ship that uses guns and is an upgrade to the Dreadnought, like the Supercarrier is to a Carrier.

And you want that Supercapital gun ship to have a doomsday weapon and jump bridge?

How about you get a Titan?


Yes, Dreadnoughts are nice toys. But i like the Threadnoughts more, they provide more content and encourage emergent game-play.

No, there are more shuttle types.


4 race shuttles
4 race civilian shuttles
Goru’s shuttle
Guristas shuttle
Interbus shuttle
Council Diplomatic shuttle

Edit 2:

4 race media shuttles
and a couple of others

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Have you seen the afk cloaked threadnought? It’s about to receive a buff in length in the near future.

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Oh ok. It must be noob ship types Im thinking of

4 race corvettes


Edit: and add 5 Polaris Corvettes


What you meant to say was: Give more dreads! :laughing:

I propose Super-Heavy drones for Dreads. Limit 3 per Dread.

You take any battlecruiser hull and you add rigs that convert them into this class of drone.

From there it limits the drone to 1 high, 1 mid and 1 low slot where you can customize your SH drones for the role you desire them to have. Just use the current Carrier UI for drones from there.

Yay fun!

One is too many

I heard about them! I heard they will be huge! My favorite are the “Open-Letter-Threadnaught`s” They have been a meta as long i can remember. I startet playing in 2009. They have not changed much, ccp should do a balance pass on all threadnaughts.

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I’m pretty much always in favor of more hull types. BUT, importantly, I am not in favor of just making new, more powerful, hulls. I typically like tiericide. Make more variants that serve more-distinct purposes. E.g., one that has a weaker tank, but bonuses to tracking; one that has a much larger fuel bay, but penalty to tracking; one that has a bigger ship hanger, but something else nerfed, who knows what.

Not because of any balance issue, I just think variety makes the game more fun.

i like the dreadnought as a super battleship, make sense in naval terms
i wish ccp didn’t nerfed the HAW because they are the only config useful to solo YOLO low sec streaming :stuck_out_tongue:
1 vs 70 videos are fun

What I think is the most notably missing is a series of mobile base ships. People use the Orca, Bowhead, maybe the Rorqual, for that, but none of those are really designed for it. I’d like something that is optimized for that role.

Maybe an Orca-sized one with a bigger ship maintenance array and corporate hanger, maybe some ancillary abilities, like scanning and hull repair bonuses, and no offensive capabilities. Maybe a capitol sized one that pilots can actually dock and log off in (subject to the capacity limitations), in addition to the clone vat bay? Maybe even with the ability to repair and refit when inside? (But obviously not the timers, industry, reprocessing, defenses and whatnot that upwells have)