Dread concept, Hybrid dreads

I think we’d need to expand dreadnoughts, such as there being three carriers, making a logi dread isn’t what this post is about, but your welcome to draw up that idea in a seperate thread.

what I’m thinking about is a way to make a dread with a new concept that can make it unique, if not of higher strategic advantage. Hybridizing dreads.

The concept would revolve around the meta of the ship engineers catering to the use of different weapons systems by capsuleers. Yes, the idea revolves around the same thing that brought pirate cruisers into existence, however, the idea would be the crosses occur only between the following:


according to the idea revolving a SOE FAX would be more in line with their meta, an amarrian-gallente dreadnought could potentially not exist. Also, it goes without saying there’s been some people who believe CCP should go full circle and introduce yet another pirate faction that blends Min-cal since that does not exist.

here are a few properties that i had in mind:

  • full capability for turrets between hybridization, and missiles. (bonuses as needed)
  • and ehp increase
  • OPTIONAL: resistance profiles matching their hybridization (favors their primary race, if balance required can be weaker to other dmg types)

Well, let’s hear it, is another dread too much dread?

Do you really need OP shield missile speed boat?

E.g. Phoenix is sux atm Moros slightly better which was the opposite before the change when Revelation was sux and Nag was a king with dual weapons. Its just confirms that CCP CAN NOT balance things properly and you are asking for the brand new line of ships.

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Obligatory Dread Fleet incoming…

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…now that’s too much dread.

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speed boat doesn’t really apply here, these are capitals were talking about, fastest they ever move is when jumping. I left the ehp increase open ended, i was expecting only slight really, 5-10% at most, but maybe i’ll run those numbers so i can speak from math.

the main difference would revolve around a ship that can be bonused for two seperate weapons systems plus missiles. they become more universal from a fleet standpoint, not supposed to be too OP.

You should understand why Nag got nerfed from dual weaponry system. And you have just been given with brand new faction dread. So we have 6 dreads in the line.

The thing you suggested would immediately became new meta cause just imagine with help of Nestor or mob depot it could quickly refit to diff weapons during fight.

Sorry bud its not gonna happen, otherwise you’ve put some serious restrictions which kills the idea.

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It was because it was an annoying split-weapon system, which had all the problems that the old typhoon had. Mixing turrets and missiles in the same rack equally doesn’t seem to work out well.

The two turret nag that came afterward made it much better and easier to deal with.

Just save yourself the trouble and buy a super or two. Really isn’t worth spending 30-40b on a dread just so you can change weapon systems every 60 seconds (or just once unless you’ve got a Freighter in that fleet hangar). It’d be niche at best or a shiny bauble for some rich patrons ship hangar most likely.

I doubt this thing will ever become real in that way, but not for the reasons you’re bringing up.

the dual weapon Nag was a working horse no matter what you think of it otherwise i wouldn’t saw it so many times, so i’m glad CCP didn’t screw up much on it when make it truly turrets base.

i’ll buy supers form you if you got some decent deals coming… and yeah rich patrons have Caiman coming so let them decide how to split money.

and you should understand perfectly well that multiple system dread (thinking of pseudo CONCORD Marshal or either pro Jove Gnosis) sounds more like a dream.

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that is an interesting point, considering concord ships can already do all that, but only haven’t become meta since they aren’t available en masse. maybe they should pump out more of the cruiser variant and see…

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We already have the Gnosis and Sunesis that do exactly that. They’re popular, but nowhere near meta-changing

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Cause they both weak and do you really need same weak dread or you really need flexible platform which won’t be last in the line vs. all dreads?

Why would a multiple system dread be powerful at all? Sounds more like it would be a wasted bonus

I just want general pve buffs for all dreads so the investment can be more worthwhile like a carrier is.
Change to tracking for npcs in the same at pacifiers get sec status boosts on NPCs. Or a shorter cycle to make them more mobile from going site to site.

And an armor buff cause shields can rep exponentially more ehp passively and actively.
Either resistance/ehp or bonuses to repping.
It confounds me that at the Capital level a revelation only has a few minutes of cap stability.

In my version ID like to see the moros get an addition bonus to armor repair amount per level armor repair capacitor usage.

Revelation gets a raw armor hp bonus, or up the resistances maybe or add in more capacitor stuff like %to cap regen or capacitor size, Rev already gets bonuses to gun use. It could use range bonus as well on lasers.

The basic point overall is that carriers have all sorts of bonuses and perks like locking on at long range and having the uh… Array, can’t remember the name ATM for fast locking and sensor strength. I think dreads should have similar options.

So a max skilled carrier or dread pilot would both get +5 to warp strength (1 per level)
Both would have extended lock on ranges.

Dreads would have an alternate cycle setup for better or where you don’t get stuck for 5 minutes at the end of a site. (For example siege module with a 10-30second cooldown time and scale stront accordingly, or make it toggle at will and it constantly drains stront at x stront per second until you disable or run out of fuel but that might be too much. A 30 second cycle would be sufficent imo.
If a 5 minute cycle uses 125 stront then dividing it by 10 in 30 second cycles would mean 12.5 stront per cycle.)

Maybe a tracking/range bonus.
It’s kind of dumb that carriers can kill proficiently at 1000km but a dread has to be within a quarter of that. I’ve seen dreads set up for like 200-300 for struture bashing, or if you go high damage you have to be right on top of someone.

For all dreads in siege. If you use long range weapons, rails, beams, artillery or the uh… Cruise missiles? You get a bonus to range in siege. Dreads could snipe like a carrier.

At extremely close range with short range weapons they get a tracking bonus.
Different bonus from the siege applies to whichever you choose.

High angle weapons remain unchanged maybe.

I’d like to see all caps get a +1 warp strength per level too.
Faction and Titans have it. It doesn’t need to be +30 though. But say +5 at level 5 dread/carrier just to make it less susceptible to a lone scout who doesn’t have several or 2 faction points.

I don’t have personal experience with nags but I hear they’re the best, and Phoenix’s have a crazy tank which is why I’m talking about a small armor buff above. If nothing else I’d like to see the Rev and moros brought up to be on the same level as the other two while still retaining unique characteristics.

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Dreads and carriers are tools for different things. They do not need to be both good at PVE. Carriers are designed for long-range combat, usually it is used against targets that are smaller than itself. Dreads are usually used for short to mid-range fights, when you just need to blow something (often big) up. They are for causing damage to a single target.

Trying to make both carriers and dreads do the same thing goes against the whole idea of having different types of ships to begin with.

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Carriers are good at pve and pvp.

Dreads are good at pvp.

For several bil they should both be good at pve and recouping associated costs.

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Dreads are used in PVE as well, just not in nullsec. It doesn’t mean they have to be equal.

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