Just hear me out mini dreads

So I know a few of my friends that play With Love. Dreads and we love the marauders. And with the last war I was in against frat I saw they used paladins. And I know we wanted to use dreads, but we can never match them due to not many people to fly dreads. So we were talking about the unused battleship That don’t have A Tier 2 Let’s make the Rokh, mailstrom, Hyperion and The Abadon into many dreads. Combining marauder’s bashin module maybe a T2 version. I think it would spark some great fights and some Interesting game play.

Marauders are mini-dread…?


Kind of True but I mean use the 4 hulls that aren’t t2 and don’t get them the weapon bonus that marauders have so you have to us 6 instead of 8 and the ability to Jump a set range i can see them being used more then dreads in some fights. for example make for the Rokh
take away the TB bonus, change the 100% damage to 75% so they use 6 guns instead of 8.
Change TP to Tracking
Change Missile speed and EV to Fall off and tracking, etc
add the 5% to Shield Res pre level like the dread Etc

how about no ?

T3 Battleships baby!


NGL…on the return I love t3 cruiser can swap out rigs! NIce! If T3 battleship had this…it be so nice.

My kronos has a rig screw up. Of the t2 kind. Ran it like that till I said its paid off. then jsut said its been there so long, screw it, it stays. Not the worst mistake to make. I got armour pump and not nano pump II. Some more armour hp never a bad thing so not so bad.

I love my Kronos.

It is nice.

I’d like to see caldari t3…rokh inspired. it give kronos a worthy competitor. And rokh is the ship I like to love…but can’t. It served me well for months of ye old pos bash in the old sov days.

PVE? yeah, I tried everything. Best pve rokh I had was…mining rokh. In a safer 0.0 blue donut it can actually bust some some rocks up nice when all the ratters have choked out the belts.

Hauling/jet can game can be a pita…but for the actual mining it was pretty nice.

SO I do like op trying to find a role for rokh besides (least) favored structure basher. On grid warp limited sniper role. Get a few “on grids” on you…may as well pick the celestial your pod is clearing to really.

Or just an alternate T2 Marauder class, ie: one more for each major race. So one based on the Rokh, Hyperion, Typhoon and Abaddon (even though I really hate the look of the Hyperion).

I rather see something new to the Battleship line, like escort/light carriers, flagships, or insert something unique to the game.


I’d be down for that as well.

Leshaks are basically the mini dreads of highsec for burning things down.

Massive utility excellent cap and cap warfare capabilities along with good repping power if needed.

A Rokh is already pretty niche, but if the t2 Rokh had an optimal bonus from the BS skill and a tracking bonus from the Marauders skill, how would you design a T2 Dominix? The T1 has Dominix has optimal tracking bonus from the BS skill, so the T2 Dominix would be provided with falloff from the Marauder skill? In that case it would be superior to the T2 Rokh in any way, so it would need to strip the optimal from the BS skill but even then the difference between those two would be pretty neglectible, providing for more hulls that are largely redundand.

we already have flagships … they called “monitor” !

if you want tosme unique then buy an AT ship and use this ! everything else is not “unique”
if you want something that is not common to use then use the edencom ship ! its special enough …

we dont need more unbalanced ships in this game …


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Flagships (not another ‘Monitor’ type of hull) could be interesting.

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