Why 2 hybrid turrent lancers and none with energy turrets?

Could anyone enlighten me about possible reasoning behind this? From the first glance this does not seem and feel right.

Because Amarr sucks?
Coercer - Dragoon Meh
Algos - Catalyst Yay

Because every Empire has exactly one Lancer and for Amarr that is a Khanid Ship, which primarily uses a missile based weapon system, like the Vengeance or the Sacrilege. They already have Lasers for the Standard- and Faction Dread and the Designers probably thought that adding more different options would be nice. And I agree.

They have btw. done the same for Caldari (Dreads = Missiles, Lancer = Hybrids).

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More different options without having Energy Turret Lancer? If you mean faction specific variety then why Minmatar Lancer does not use Missiles and uses the same gun as Minmatar Dread? Seems like not finished design job.

Lets brain storm a little!

It’s nice that there now is more variation for dreads.

For example, before Lancers there was no armor + missiles option and also no shield + hybrids option.

Next, it’s good to see that dread pilots aren’t pidgeonholed into one weapon type based on the faction of their dread but now also can use the secondary weapon type of their factions for caldari and amarr.

For gallente that’s not practical (dreads are weapon platforms without drone bay, so no drone based dread) and if minmatar was also changed we may have had too many missile dreads.

Lastly, I think energy turret dreads are currently the dread meta already. No need for yet another.

Probably mostly to do with the capacitor restrictions.

The Bane only has 65,000GJ of cap, you need to jump your Lancer into a fight which will eat it all. Cap injector to then have the 30,000GJ of cap to fire the lance. And it will Energy Neut everything within 10km by 35,000 GJ.

Any Lancer using Energy Weapons are not going to be able to cycle their guns for a fair while into the fight. Hybrid turrets have a similair issue, but use a fair bit less cap so not as bad.

It does not matter too much as Lancer Dreads are not brought for their gun dps, t1/faction dread do more dps. They are just there for lancing stuff, which currently is not that useful. Or found its niche beyond JF ganking.

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