Missile type


I see that the missile type are only caldari and guristas faction type, why no Minmatar or angel ones?
Im Minmatar and dislike buying the caldari ones. The Republic and Domination already has missile launcher faction type, why not the ammo also?

And if CCP ever does that improve damage or other values of the low tier faction missiles so that they match the navy missiles. Same please for any other pirate ammo as well. Faction spawns spam you with these missiles and ammo but it’s pointless waste of space because navy ammo is always the better choice.

T2 Fury cruise i found outshines CN cruise.

Only in terms or raw DPS. Look at application especially on small or moving targets and the effective DPS of fury is very bad compared to CN or Precision. Plus, they require T2 skills.


well yea i use precision T2’s as well.

But if you are not skilled in T2 CN works better compared to T1 versions.

Fury is for fat slow targets

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im mostly PVE so i use fury for big stuff, and precision for the small stuff… but before i got fully trained for T2’s I used Caldari Navy cruise

I get it. The point is the Minmatar, Angel and Mordus are also missile user faction, so they deserve some love for missile type. I personally as a minmatar dont like the fact Im buying my enemy faction missile type, so why not have our own faction type missile, since we use missiles in many minmatar ships? :thinking::kissing:

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that is simply not a good enough reason to further clutter the game with identical items there are to many as is.

also caldari and minmatar are not really enemies they are just allied with with each others enemies. hell if you read the lore the caldari attempted to actually help and free the minmatar where the gallente tend to just cause further problems. you know like keeping the caldari from producing a cure to the addictive effects of the drug the amarr use to enslave the minmatar.


In your opinion.

Of course it could go the other way too. Instead of calling them “Caldary Navy XXXX” call them something like “MilSpec XXXX” and make them available from any factions military LP stores.

as soon as you prove there is a disparity in the LP stores.

I agree with changing the names to “Navy X” for ammunition and removing the origin prefix.

Doesn’t that make the ammo cost more than the ship you are flying at some point?

They are only like 200 isk a pop if that… I make my money back in missiles with one mission.
compared to CN cruise which get up to 2,000 a pop.

so are you going to rebalance the LP stores or are you just going to make it harder for people to find out what LP stores have the item?

I guess it would take a genius to think Caldari, Khanid and Guristas etc would have missiles and so on.

what does that have to do with what I posted?

Dread Gurista missiles are the strongest faction missiles .

And those aren’t the ones I am talking about. I talk about the Guristas Missiles.

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You said that CN is the better choice, in just letting you know that Dread Gurista are stronger than CN and just regular gurista