Dedicated Missile Battlecruisers! 🚀

(Jeb Ozuwara) #1

maybe a fully dedicated battlecruiser designed from the ground up for missiles? 8 launcher slots, but 3-4 med slots, and 4-5 low slots.

Max speed: 200-220 m/s

slightly weaker tank than your normal battlecruiser, to promote fighting at a range.

Role bonus for Heavy and Heavy Assault missile flight time.
Caldari traits: 5 percent bonus to Heavy and Heavy Assault missiles damage per skill level
Minmatar traits: 5 percent rate of fire to Heavy and Heavy Assault missiles per skill level
Gallente traits: 6 percent bonus to thermal damage from Heavy and Heavy Assault missiles per skill level
Amarr traits: 6 percent bonus to EM damage for Heavy and Heavy Assault missiles per skill level

Gallente and Amarr both future a small drone bay (10-15 m3) to compensate for their lack of missile usage and being locked to one damage type.

what do you guys think?

Best ideas so far:

(QuakeGod) #2

It’s called a Drake…

(Jeb Ozuwara) #3

6 missile launcher slots? ai ya not enough

(QuakeGod) #4

Navy Drake has 7

(Jeb Ozuwara) #5

Stil not 8, and drakes are slow as molasses

(Jeb Ozuwara) #6

I fly too many cruisers lol

(Quelza) #7

I am opposed to Gallente getting any missile ships. They’ve got basically every other damn thing already.

(Makshima Shogo) #8

Nighthawk xD? if that thing isn’t kick ass enough for you i’m not sure this will be either, does more damage than this would and a lot more tank.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #9

they don’t have a laser ship :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeb Ozuwara) #10

that this is so damn expensive

(Makshima Shogo) #11

Also I heard something about a missile version of the naga so that might still be a thing and would be exactly what your looking for :] maybe in a few months? years xD?

(Jeb Ozuwara) #12

ide kill for one of those haha
Naga looks so awesome

(Jeb Ozuwara) #13

Naga Navy issue with missiles?

(Quelza) #14

Likely Makshima is referring to the fact that the Naga was originally planned to have missile bonuses before CCP decided to make it a turret platform.

But damn…the thought of a missile Naga…I’m gonna have to call my doctor in 4 hours…

(Jeb Ozuwara) #15

oh ok still… the feeling of lost potential

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #16

used to be 8 but they buffed it to 7 more damaging missiles so it could have a utility high

(elitatwo) #17

The Drake Navy Issue used to have 8 launchers, all selectable damage types and application bonus. Main missile focus on heavy assault and heavy missiles.

In January she had one launcher removed and the missiles damage bonus increased, just like Lugh said.
And the Drake Navy Issue is the only battlecruiser in EVE that can fly capstable with a mwd on without fitting any cap mods.
Doesn’t get more missiles focussed than that.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #18

OK thanks, better start saving up :stuck_out_tongue:

(Krysenth) #19

Drake and Cyclone say hi.

(Dark Engraver) #20

The original Naga was before added to tq a missile boat,rip torp Naga