Dedicated Missile Battlecruisers! ๐Ÿš€

(Xebov) #21

Im not sure what this ship idea would bring to the table that existing ships not already can do.

(Rovinia) #22

The first version of the Naga on the Testserver was able to fit Turrets and Missiles. It got changed to Hybrids only to bring it more in line with the other T3 BCโ€™s. Torpedo Naga would have been fun :confused:

(Makshima Shogo) #23

Agreed it would have been the bomb :smiley:

(Jeb Ozuwara) #24

wish they would put them back.
maybe remove the ability to put on guns for balencing?

(syllaska isken) #25

Uni wiki: โ€œThe naga is effective in any campaign where fast, mobile firepower is required.โ€
Instantaneous damage for Alpha.
Missiles have a delay to damage exacerbated by range. This would interfere with effective Alpha and not align with the theme of the ship subclass.
Please correct me if im off base.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #26

i believe it means by ship mobility not how long it takes for damage to reach target.

(Makshima Shogo) #27

They could increase missile speed by 4 times and lower flight time by 4 times and have alpha missiles or at least a lot faster. xD (not practical but still possible lol)

(syllaska isken) #28

@Jeb_Ozuwara I wont argue better agility or velocity, just in keeping with that vein an instant damage application weapon system was more appropriate / flavor?
@makshima shogo those would be some fast missles.

(Arthur Aihaken) #29

Just change the Naga to missiles. Of course, first you have to make missiles not suckโ€ฆ

(Daichi Yamato) #30

Aside from travel time the missile naga was ridiculously powerful.

The fact everyone is drooling should be a good indicator of exactly why this didnโ€™t happen.

(Stitch Kaneland) #31

Missiles dont suck. People just suck at using missiles.

(Arthur Aihaken) #32

Your Drake is calling for you.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #33

its dead
it canโ€™t call me

(Stitch Kaneland) #34

Strangely enough, i get a lot of kills when i fly drakes, drakes are perfectly fine in the meta, as long as you fit more than a single scram/web. Kinetic lock is surprisingly effective when FOTM is minmatar (sabre, bifrost, jag, svipul etc)

(Makshima Shogo) #35

Drakes also won the alliance tourney xD lolโ€™s

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #36

yeah still be a lot more useful if it wasnโ€™t damage locked

(Stitch Kaneland) #37

Then use a navy drake, same damage bonus, except omni and +1 launcher.

The only thing kinetic lock sucks against is T2 gal/cal ships. Same applies to amarr shooting T2 minmatar, or hybrids shooting t2 cal/gal.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #38

donโ€™t even get me started on the navy drake changesโ€ฆ if i wanted a DPS platform there were plenty to choose from. but if i wanted a secondary tackle that could lock down almost anything for an extended period there was not much better than the navy drake.

except lasers and hybrids all have advantages missiles donโ€™t in fact missiles have explicit disadvantages to mitigate the choice in damage. something most caldari ships canโ€™t do and a reason even though caldari is โ€œthe missile raceโ€ the best missiles ships are in the hands of amarr and minmatar.

i mean could you imagine if gallant drone boats were therm locked?

(Stitch Kaneland) #39

Lasers and hybrids require cap usage and for things like rails/beams, have very poor tracking unless the hull is bonused for it. The cap usage compensates for those extra benefits you speak of.

Missiles are capless and have no tracking. Their trade off is potentially less damage, restricted damage (drake, fleet vigil, talwar) and a very strict application profile along with being hard countered easier (RAH and being firewalled).

This is simply not true. Caldari have very strong missile ships, especially in the battleship line. The Drake and DNI are both equally strong in comparison to the cyclone, they just donโ€™t rely on an active tank, but can out damage and apply better than a cyclone easily. The nighthawk is an amazing missile platform, it just suffers from poor slot layout and being expensive when there are better options available at the moment.

Caldari get a lot of ships bonused to explosion radius, which is loads more important than explosion velocity (minmatar), especially on the battleship side, as grapplers exist. The RNI and Golem are the best applying missile battleships in the game. Caldari are consistently range bonused in a lot of their ships, which makes things like rockets viable to scram kite with and, even though its a bit ridiculous, their range bonus applies to RLML on the cruiser line, which makes them good at taking down interceptors/kite ships.

Minmatar do not have cruisers with range bonuses to RLML (except Loki IIRC), only the cyclone has the base range bonus to all missiles, and its not exactly a great candidate for RLML. What minmatar are good at is skirmishing with missiles by using the shipโ€™s speed, but not doing tons of damage/application like Caldari are.

The only minmatar ship that outclasses caldari is the Loki. And yeah, the loki received quite the buffing, but i wouldnโ€™t say T3โ€™s are the only viable missile ships either. The loki is an overbuffed fluke, not the norm though.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #40

you almost got it but not quite. because the Caldari get the range bonuses the fact that they get Exp rad rather than vel is not a strength its a problem and just another reason minmatar out class them. yeah grapples are a thing but their effective range is short where as a TP is generally longer than the missile ranges until you get to cruise missiles.

in your examples only two of them are damage locked. the drake and Nighthawk. neither of them being used a DPS platform.

the kestrel (rocket kiting) DNI and caracal are all unlocked. itโ€™s not a coincidence that they tend to be seen as better ships.

also going to have to point out that missiles (particularly cruiser and up) do not apply anyplace near as well as hybrids or lazars. yes they always hit but they almost never hit for full even on targets the same class as them.