New Ship and Starbase Designs

Come and lets get CCP building ships again… Not seen any NEW ships for ages… Not including Abyss

Post your ideas here - new designs only!

Also include your Starbase ideas…

Not seen any new ships except those new ships…

Also we get all the jump bridge structures soon.


We got like 3 new ships be happy

not really new, but missing ships are attack battlecruisers, designed for using large launchers and heavy/sentry drones.

caldari one
8 launchers, +10% to large missile speed and -5% to large missile explosion radius per skill level
minmatar one
8 launchers, +5% to large missle damage and explosion velosity per skill level
plus role bonuses for fitting cruise / torpedo / rapid heavy launchers, ofc.

gallente one
375m3 dronebay, 125mbit bandwith,
+25% damage, +5% hitpoints and +7.5% tracking speed and max velocity of heavy/sentry drones per skill level
amarr one
375m3 dronebay, 125mbit bandwith,
+25% damage, +5% hitpoints and 7.5% optimal range and activation proximity, of heavy/sentry drones per skill level
2 high slots, no turret/launcher slots, less fitting room to prevent extra tanking and maybe some drone control range penalty on those two

all of those will be able to either support their fleetmates with battleship-sized dps or die from teck 1 cruiser…i think.

I’m pretty sure we used to have a launcher ABC. It was universally despised.

can you please remind me why? the only place i saw it in was some youtube footage from test server

Because it was terrible. There was no point where you weren’t better off using one of the other three

It was the Naga there was no real answer to why it was changed

Because it didn’t fit abc role very well.

Using cruise missiles for long range sniping has the travel time of missiles issue that is universally loathed. And then in a pve role it looked stupidly powerful.

Torp nagas also were perceived to be stupid powerful in kitey roles.

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