We need a missile ABC!

I’ve been playing eve since 2012, and for so long I have dreamed of using torpedoes on a BC sized ship. Since 2012 I have been disappointed, however given the recent changes to torpedoes, and cruise missiles existing the Naga would make for an amazing missile boat. It makes a ton more sense gameplay and lore wise for the Naga class attack battle cruiser to be a missile boat on top of the ship in general being a little redundant. Having two hybrid boats, and one of them is only useful for sniping seems to put the Naga in obscurity. Sure you can blaster fit a Naga to somewhat make it relevant, and yes in a blob Naga’s see tons of use, but you’re wasting the potential! The Naga would still fulfill the same roles of sniping, and high dps close range, but with the missile flare it deserves. For sniping Cruise missiles which are able to travel just as far as the hybrids, and for short range Torps (Which have been recently buffed). Please give us a missile ABC we deserve, or at the very least release a faction ABC that uses missiles. Thank you and fly safe!


I once put a single large launcher on a Cyclone for shits and giggles.


More ways to use missiles would be nice, and more high slots for missiles also but I’m done holding my breath on anything about EVE. Lucky the servers are still working.


I miss the days when battleship bonuses for example, were general ones for large weapon systems, it did not matter if there were hybrids, projectiles or lasers , you had more flexibility.


I recall one of the devs (I believe Convict) stating the Naga was originally a missile boat, but T2 torps slap incredibly hard and it was massively overpowered.

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I remember hearing otherwise, because it didn’t have range or speed to get into torp range.

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People would just warp away before the missiles even landed.


This, the ABC’s are snipers, get in - blap - get out and thats hard to do with missiles when you have to hang around and wait for them to get to their targets.


From my own personal experience ABC’s tended to be used for large fleets of High alpha or meme camps. I wouldn’t see much of a difference in play style, should it cause a change we could see some new and interesting strats from Naga pilots. Not to mention Cruise Naga fleets blapping from very far away and getting out. (and because I can’t remember off the top of my head missiles still hit if you warp off grid?)

It was both the OP nature of having a torp Naga, the problems with sniping with cruises and how easy it would be to make a pve-wtfpwn boat. (and that’s the real reason people ask for a missile naga, for super easy cheap ratting)

Not much has changed in that regard to any of these so i doubt we’ll get a missile naga anytime soon.


The nature of ABC’s make them all niche ships. It’s not like anyone brawls with an Oracle is it?

The Talos is a ganker favourite and Nagas get used for sniping fleets. Obscurity comes with the class rather than Talos vs Naga.


I just like torpedoes I think they are neat, and every other weapon system has a mid sizes ship that can fit larges makes me cry every time I think about it.

Not enough missile slots on ships. Not enough hardpoints. Too many ships not missile-capable. Same for torpedoes. Huge ships, little capabilities.
New Eden is a future world the year is 23358 yet can’t mount decent armament on ships either because of lack of hardpoints or lack of power. Fit a decent shield takes so much power that take away use of 1 or 2 hardpoints. A boat that’s supposed to have 6 guns ends up with 4.
The slots. Some ships have a lot of high slots but barely any low and the mid slots are never enough, on a freaking kilometer-long battleship I can’t fit more than 4 missile launchers though their hardpoints share the high slots and, that is, if there’s enough power. Smh!
The technology “advancements” in New Eden leaves me perplexed.

It’s a game. It has to be balanced. Or rather, it has to have some semblance of balance.

Obviously. But even in a game they can represent things a little more plausible. Sure, a big ship has more mass so logically it would be slow yet MWD and other factors are added to the cost of the ship. It’s like you buy a car but it only has a grassmower engine and you have the engine on top of the cost of car. Haha!
Ship cost goes up to several billion isk. What do you get? An empty hull. No engine worth a damn, nothing.
Did the astronauts go up in space without a working oxygen maker? Did they have to buy and install the engine themselves? That was 1969. And they’re telling me New Eden is 23358 in the future? Haha!

Torpedo Missile Attack Battlecruiser

Lot of discussion there which you might find relevant, OP.

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Could the astronauts drop a depot and overhaul their entire engine system instantly?

It would be cool if HACS, had boost to smaller missiles, also Oracle could have a boost to also medium and small turrets… the rule would be from top down… but a bomber frig, has boost to torps, is a specialized ship, so are Oracle and Naga’s. Only Pirate ships such as EDENCOM actually has this all out weapon bonuses… Maybe some small buffs could happen, but give too much power to gankers… nah…
A torp naga would be gold for bots campers…

Thanks a bunch!

As if Tornadoes and other insta hit gank ships aren’t already the gank meta? For the concept of ganking unless you one cycled your target you’d be dead before the torps hit.

That’s nice but would they do it for 0.002 boost gain?