More ships for people

simply add more t1 ships, 2 more frigates for every race, 2 destroyers, 2 cruisers, 1 bc; nothing special, just slightly different.

For example a gallente drone frigate, 1 or 2 utility high, 2 mid and 4 lowslots; a caldari ecm bc - a t1 armour logi cruiser for minmatar… a missile/rocket based destroyer or frig for amarr…


But why?

bored of the ones we have now, and instantly recognising all of them and knowing how many will often be fitted doesnt help either… though more from a solo and small gang perspective.

Variety is the spice of life!

I will be honest im not playing so much because every time i log in i feel like ive flown everything far too much… bar maybe the bigger ships.

I would love to see some new ships with a different kind of design… yes the new Triglavian ships are nice but are not very useful.

I think we need something a bit different!

I have an idea and its thinking outside the box…

A new design of ship for each race, where you design how it looks. The ship would be modular and you would be able to fit different parts to the ship at a cost.

There would be a number of selections of each part of the ship.

probably what t3 destroyers should have looked like… not quite as versatile as the cruisers but modular none the less… and then there should have been t3 frigates… again, the same but less so…

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… ccp can’t balance what already exists (particularly anything t3) and you want more?

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